Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kayla's 5th Birthday Princess Party

Here ye, Here ye! All of the royal princesses were invited to the Seng's Castle for Kayla's 5th birthday party tea. Libby loved that we got to dress up in a princess dress! She wore the dress that she wore in Shena's wedding, nearly a year ago. She looked just like a little princess! Princess Libby and Princess Kayla talk about a prince before the royal tea party begins. JP and Jill made an adorable cut-out carriage for royal photo-ops! Libby and I pose for a quick picture.
After eating princess shaped sandwiches with all of the royal fixings, we headed out to the garage for some crafts. Luckily, Mama Sandy made all of the girls aprons so they didn't get paint on their dresses as they painted princess wands, purses and crowns.
After crafts, all of the princesses lined up for a game of "Pin the Tiara on the Princess". Here, Jill helps spin Libby around 3 times before her turn. All of the princesses...Libby, Kayla, Abby, Shae, Ashlyn, Lilly, Allie & Brooklyn. Aren't they precious?After we lined all of the girls up, we decided that the mommies needed a picture behind the carriage. We laughed so hard when we saw 8 little princesses telling us to "say cheese". It was not so straight, but not bad for a 3 year old! We all had a great time! Thanks for everything, Jill, Kayla and Mama Sandy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An apple a day

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, so we decided to run to Huber's for a few hours. We sat outside on the deck and ate our lunch and then took the wagon ride out to the apple orchard.

Libby picking some Golden Delicious.

Showing off the "fruits" of our labor. What a fun afternoon!