Tuesday, January 30, 2007

6 Month Photo Shoot

After Libby woke up from a much needed nap, I decided to set up some of Dad's old camera equipment that he loaned me and have a photo shoot for Libby's 6 month pictures.

It was so hard to snap a shot of Libby sitting up because she wanted to roll over and crawl, so you all will just have to take my word that she has on cute matching shoes! I am saving the best picture for her Valentine's Cards. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

An Afternoon with Pop

Libby & I went out to Mom & Dad's house before we went to the funeral home on Saturday. We had not seen Dad for a few weeks, and she could not get enough of him! She literally would not take her eyes off of Pop while she was eating, playing or being held. She loved to touch his goatee. Like last week, she was crazy about Dolly, too. Dolly let Libby pet her head, but swatted at her when she was on the floor playing with her (she does not have any claws).

In our unending attempt to keep up with the Seng's, we bought Libby her own pair of pink sunglasses. She left them on for a short while and then looked so cute when she had the stem of one side hanging out of her mouth. So grownup! Finally, we took them away from her when she was using it to test her gag reflex (it works just fine, thank you)!

You look Marvelous!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Visit from Cousin Shena

My cousin Shena came for a visit on her way out of town this afternoon. She had not seen Libby since before Christmas and was so impressed by how much she crawls, interacts and how well she behaved during lunch (heck, I was even impressed with her lunchtime behavior!).
As always, The Jukebox was delecious--and the diet cherry coke made my day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Diaper Duty

Ever wonder how many diapers a little girl needs? Mema knows someone who came across a ton (well, at least 500) that are somewhat defective. I know what you must be thinking---"Oh, Angie & Gary put defective diapers on their little girl!", but who really cares if Winnie the Pooh is not centered on the Huggies and Micky is upside down on the Pampers? Not Libby!

Libby thought it was big fun to help me sort the sizes. It'll be a while before her little toosh sees those size 4's, but they have a good home in the basement until then.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I took a bereavement day today at work, and spent the day taking a much needed mental health day! It has been a emotional week-- a horrible stressful situation at work compounded with the death of Gary's grandfather has made this a week that I will be glad to get behind me. (Pepa's funeral is Monday, so sorry co-workers, I'll be taking off Monday, too.)
After spending the morning at Mema's while I shopped for some pants, Libby and I went over to Amy's house for our weekly play date. As always, the girls played, fought over toys and mimicked each other. By the end of the afternoon, Sophia even gave up her "Binky" for her thumb! Copy cat!

Libby was so wore out from her play date that she fell asleep in the car on the ride home. Who can resist a sleeping baby? Not me!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hello, Dolly!

Libby & I went over to Mom's tonight to practice for our church Lip-sic. Seven of us are going to be the "Von-Hoehn-Trap" family, and be preforming the "So Long, Farewell" song from "The Sound of Music". It's going to be pretty funny, and a whole lot less embarrassing than last year's "We are family" done in pig costumes!

Libby was so curious about Mom's cat, Dolly. She is used to the big dogs and didn't know what to think about a furry friend that was her size. For the most part, Dolly was pretty good, but after a few grabs from Libby, she got fed up and ran off. I have never seen Libby crawl so much tonight! She really seemed to have it down...both hand and leg motions...chasing Dolly!

My cousin, Derek, was a great help with Libby as we practiced our routine. She loved to chew on the strings from his hoodie. They were soaking wet by the end of the evening! Isn't this picture so cute?!?

Celebrating Libby's 1/2 Birthday!

Can you believe it? Libby was 6 months old yesterday! These months have flown by and have been so full of excitement! I started the day by going to "Great Plates" Meal Creation Station on Charlestown Road. It's was the grand opening, so Amy & I made Italian Crusted Port Cutlets for free! The way it works, they have all of the ingredients, directions and dishes available for you. The idea is that they do all of the planning, prep work and clean up for you and you take your uncooked (but prepared) dinner home with you to freeze and make another day. Pretty smart, I think. Our Pork was really good and I plan on going back again!

We went out to dinner with our best friends, JP & Jill (and Kayla), Shannon & Kevin (and Allie) and JP's co-worker Trevor & his wife Rachell (and Hannah). JP & Jill got to KT's first, and said when they got to our reserved table, the host had set up all 4 highchairs on one end of the table and the chairs on the other. Wouldn't that have been a great dinner? Unfortunately, Jill had it all rearranged by the time we got there (we were a few minutes late because Gary had to watch the end of the IU game--Go Hoosiers!)
We decided to celebrate Libby's 1/2 birthday. Someone suggested ordering 1/2 of a cake, and singing 1/2 of the birthday song. She was more interested in her sweet potato & corn combo!

When Life Gives you Lemons...Make a Silly Face!

After dinner, we all decided to go back to JP & Jill's house and visit their bar, "The Coconut Monkey". It was there that we discovered the pink sunglasses, and took turns trying them on.

Goob at the Coconut Monkey proudly displaying his drink of choice.
Libby is looking at the world thru rose colored glasses. Isn't that a song?

Shannon & Libby Strike a pose!

Allie & Kayla loved to ride their bikes! In the background, Gary & Goob try to figure out email on their cell phones at the Coconut Monkey.

Finally, a beautiful Sunset captured by Gary on Jill's camera (we have no idea why this shot of the wall turned out like this!). I forgot my camera--amazing, I know!--so thank you to Jill for emailing me all of these great photos! We all had such a good time!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Puppy Love

Libby & Killians

If Libby is awake, Killians is not far from her side. He is so in love with her, protective of her and amazed by her, that we often have to remind him to back up and give her some room. He wants to share her toys, eat her dropped food, lay on her blanket and give her kisses. Ever since the day we brought her home from the hospital, he has been very mothering to her. If he hears her cry, he jumps up and runs to find me or Gary to let us know that she is upset. Libby is really curious about Killians, as well...grabbing his fur and petting him as much as she can.

I once heard that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Updating this blog has become a sort of addiction of mine. Well, I am thinking that I may have to join a Blogging support group, a 12 step program or find a patch. This blog has combined 2 of my biggest passions; picture taking and talking about Libby. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy posting.

Break on Thru to the Other Side

Thanks guys! You know, those of you who secretly cursed me under
your breath when you read my last blog entry bragging about
how great Libby sleeps. The night after that entry
was posted, she decided to prove me wrong, waking up every
several hours to nurse and/or cry. The next night the same.
Mema, our resident baby expert, says that
she is getting teeth, so we hope she is right....verses
Libby going back to her old sleeping habits! She is
doing all of the tale-tell signs....drooling, chewing on everything,
going on a hunger strike and flipping out if you think about
touching her face. Needless to say, we have
been singing some "Doors" to hurry the little
pearly whites along---"Break on thru to the other Side!"
After a little Tylenol and Ora-gel, Libby slept much better
last night and was up early this morning helping her Daddy
pay some online bills. Off to Mema's for a few hours
so Mommy can go get her pearly whites checked out.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Play Date

A cold & snowy day today... what better way to spend it then at home
hosting a play date! Amy & Sophia came over today and
the girls played together
(also included in their daily agenda; crying, sleeping & eating).
It was nice to have a happy afternoon--since I was so sad this morning.
I put Libby in her swing
(the bird one that Nonna got her) and she was
just absolutely too big for it. I carried it downstairs and sort of felt
sad that she is growing out of some of her baby things.
I remember those first few nights that we were up
all night long with her....Those few trying weeks when she
would sleep for a few short hours in the swing while we catnapped...and deep
down we wondered how we were ever going to manage when we went back to work.

Libby's sleep habits are so awesome, now. Around 8:30PM, after dinner & bath, we kiss her and put her to sleep in her crib. She falls asleep in a few minutes (with the help of sucking on her thumb, of course) and sleeps thru the night.

Check out this picture of Amy with Libby & Sophia.
They are so different and so alike at the same time.
It is such good therapy for me to have someone like Amy
(also a first-time mom) to bounce ideas off of,
talk to about mother stuff and to reassure me that I am doing a good
job raising Libby. Thanks, Amy, for being such a good friend!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Josh & Clare's Baby Shower

This afternoon Libby & I went to Clare Banet's baby shower.
Will is due next month and Libby cannot wait to
have a new little cousin!
She looks so funny in this picture---
like she is getting ready to sneeze
(Yeah, Clare is 8 months pregnant, not that she looks it in this picture!)
Josh & Clare's nephew, Aiden, is 9 months old
and was quite the flirt with Libby today.
(Look out TJ, you have some competition, now!)
Again, Libby has a funny look on her face. I don't know if she
is scared that Josh might arrest her, or if she is just
not really sure about Aiden.
Good Luck Clare, and thanks
for being an avid Blog Reader!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Erin's Wedding Reception

Gary's 1st Cousin, Erin, got married on New Year's Day this year.
They had a small informal reception at their parent's home this weekend.
As always, it was nice to get together and visit with the Banets.
Congratulations to Erin & Kevin!

As most of you all know, Gary's grandma, Mema, watches
Libby for us while we are at work. Libby's face absolutely lights
up when she sees Mema and Mema's does the same! She
takes such great care of her and we are so lucky that she can keep
her for us! Libby just loves to watch the older kids play at Mema's
house, and because she's so nosey, Mema nicknamed her "Nibby Libby".

Go IU!

My two Hoosiers, Gary & Libby, watching the IU game. Libby is
sporting her new IU Onsie that her dad got for her earlier in
the season (it says "Future Tailgater" on the butt). As
you can tell from this photo, IU was beating Penn State at this time
....they later went on to win by 10.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Peas, Please!

Who can resist this picture of Libby eating her peas like a pro! She is
such a great eater and (knock on wood) has loved everything
that has come her way. We have upgraded her to Stage 2 foods, which
include scrumptious selections such as
Hawaiian Delight and Peach Cobbler!
She loves her rice cereal and her new banana
oatmeal mixed with milk.
We hope that she can keep up with her great eating habits!

I was reading a Parent's Magazine the other day that suggested
that parents give their babies a spoon to hold in their
hand during feedings. I don't know who's idea this was...but
I guess they have never tried to feed a baby that had both a utensil
and a thumb in her mouth!
To each their own...but for now....Pass the Peas!

Now that's a happy baby!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Best Friend Kisses

Libby & I went over to Amy & Sophia's house today. Libby loves
to hang out with Sophia! If we leave them alone for just one second, one of them
is grabbing the other and covering her with slobber!
I love this picture of the two of them. Sophia is grabbing Libby's face--and Libby
is sticking out her tongue to lick her. What a bunch of cuties!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Smoking with Pappy

Gary's dad, Mo, came over to watch the IU game and eat dinner
tonight. Libby was sitting on his lap, and found his stash
of cigars in his bib pocket. She worked and worked
until she finally got one out and then made the funniest look
on her face when she stuck it in her mouth! She looks like
she knows she is going to get in trouble.

Hoehn Cup 2007

Cousins Pictured: Jeremy, Russ, Angie, Philip, Brian & Diane

Gary & I hosted the 5th Annual Hoehn Cousin Party this year. This tradition was started several years ago when Philip decided that if we did not make an effort to get together each year that we would completely loose touch with each other.

So, 5 years ago, Philip had the "adult" Hoehn cousins
(there are 33 first cousins in all) over to his house
and had a little contest. We played
games (including Hoehn classics like "UP/Down" and "Spoons")
and kept score. The Hoehn with the highest score won.
This evolved into a trophy competition,
complete with brackets and commentary.

This year the events were as follows:

Golden Tee



Gary won overall highest score and took the Hoehn Cup
from it's previous owner, Philip. This year was the
first year that an "outlaw" has won the cup...which
currently resides on our mantle.

I know that to outsiders this looks pretty gay...but we really love our family (stupid quirks and all) and know that our Grandma would be so proud that we do this every year!

A speical thanks to my Mom, Shirley, who kept Libby for us overnight so we could enjoy the party. Also, thanks to Philip who flew in from Maryland to visit with the family. Lastly, thanks to Russ for doing the 2nd annual ass-grab shot:

Let the "Camp-Out '08" Planning Begin!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

And she's off--well, almost!

So close! The past few days, Libby has been trying so hard to crawl. She can get up on her hands & knees and rocks. She will even begin to pull one leg forward, but usually falls and begins to suck her thumb (did I mention she is an addict?). Our bet is that the end of this week she'll be racing Killians & Tucker.

Also, Libby pictured taking a break from her attempt in crawling to chew on a nice cold celery stick. Can you say teething?

Happy New Year!

Libby's first New Year's Eve was spent with her friends at Kevin & Shannon's house. Together, there were 10 children (9 under the age of 2 1/2), Libby being the youngest by 2 weeks. Most of the children stayed awake until the countdown into the new year, however some took turns nodding off.

This year we all laughed about the "crazy" New Year's Eve Celebrations spent together...The Stone Rest Inn and police rides home stood out in our minds. This year was so different...no one puked in the fish tank, broke a ceiling fan or slept in the yard. Instead, we cherished our moments with our little ones and our friends. It is so amazing to watch them play together (I mean, Allie DOES have a working train on a track in the basement!!) We look forward to many more New Year Celebrations like this one!

Pictured; Gary with his "little princess", Libby and TJ (future FCHS Homecoming king & queen) and all of the gang.