Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fantasy Football Draft Night

I took the day off today for a much needed "mental health day". It was jammed packed with activities and not all that relaxing since I was still getting paged, emailed and called with issues that were going on at the hospital. I took Libby to gymnastics for a make-up day since we are going to a party tomorrow night and will have to miss our session. She was so pumped to see that Miss Kelly (her old instructor) was teaching the class! After tumble, we went to Mimi's to get our hair cut, then to lunch and home for a nap. After we woke up, we had to go to the store to get some stuff for the party tonight; complete with football cupcakes! Here, Libby is showing us that she knows how to snap. I was trying to take a picture of her new Colts jersey, but no luck!
This one was blurry, but you can see her jersey better. She was so pumped to see her Uncle Philip and play Little People with him. Thanks for coming!

Potty Time

Gary has a strict No Potty Pictures On the Blog rule, but I am hoping that I can slide one in without him noticing. Libby is making some progress with her training lately. Here she was reading a book while trying to go. She earned herself 3 stickers this time (one for sitting down, one for #1 and one for #2). Way to Go, Libby!

The Moon in my Room

Libby reading one of her favorite books that Nonna & Pop got her---"The Moon in my Room". She's read it so many times that the Moon does not light up anymore.

Reading to her deer, bear, monkey, tiger and dog. So sweet. Would you care to guess the names of her animals? Deer, Bear, Monkey, Tiger & Doggie. How creative!

Shena turns 25!

After Gary got finished with his scramble, he came over to spend the rest of the evening with us. Libby was starting to wind down, so I headed out to Shena & Gibby's apartment for Shena's 25th birthday party. It was so funny! They had T-shirts made (yes, that's Shena on a quarter--since she turned 25), had "gifts" for everyone (Libby got a new baby doll thanks to Scott that may make her more culturally diverse. Here we are early in the night.
Shena wearing Gibby's pilot hat and Gibby eating what was the best cake EVER!
We had a great night--which was made complete when Gibby and I slow danced--practicing for the upcoming wedding. Happy Birthday, Gayle. We love you!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Horsing around with her cousins

Saturday afternoon after Libby's nap, we went out to Gary's sister's house to play, swim, see the new pony and eat dinner. It didn't take Libby long to hop on the back of Josie's 4-wheeler and go for a little spin. Looks like Blane has done this a time or two, also. Here they are with Papa Banet.The Young's had a new colt born this week. They named her "Katie Precious". She is so tiny and sweet. Here is her proud Momma, Ginger. Libby looks so funny (and city-like) with her glasses on next to her dressed-in-a-diaper cousin, Blane.
Libby, Josie and Ginger.
The cousins
Kevin & Angie may quite possibly have the neatest set up of anyone I know. On their property, they have a barn and pasture, a tennis court and a new man-made lake. Kevin personally laid all of the rock around the lake and built their very own "beach". It was so cool! Libby had more fun in the sand than in the water.
Libby & Blane swimming by themselves. I was only in the water for 2.2 seconds when Kevin warned me that the fish bit--and that I'd have to keep swimming around. I didn't think much about it, being very familiar with lake water/fish (but I didn't have my Gar-protectors on, Jill). Just about the time I thought Kevin was trying to "scare" me, I got a chunk of skin taken off the back of my leg by a fish. These things were vicious. I was trying so hard not to be negative or appear scared, because I didn't want Libby to become scared of the water---but damn, those things hurt!! It didn't take me long to find a raft to float on and keep those things away! What a fun night!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday night (High)Lites

After we went to dinner with the Cissells, we headed off to our second gymnastic lesson. Libby is still doing well with most of the class. She does not really care for the beginning "warm up" session (she would rather spend the time running around and doing flips) but she tries to listen and follow direction. I am pretty sure that her Daddy is going to teach her to jump this weekend, if it's the last thing he does....Here, Sophia and Libby look like they are doing the Macarena. Really, they are just jumping around on a mat.
Daddy helps Libby do a flip. You'll see someone pointing in the right of the photo. I am not sure, but I think it's a scout from the 2020 Olympic team. I'll keep you posted when we hear from them. Sophia doing the butterfly.
Libby crawling through the tunnel.
Miss Shelly took Libby down the slide because she said, "It's too daaaarrrrrk". Check out SGC in the background!
All of that movin' and shaking makes for a thirsty girl!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Happy Little Camper

It was an amazing day today, so Gary, Libby & I decided to ride down to Nonna & Pop's camp for the day. As soon as we got there, Nonna was breaking fresh green beans for tonight's pitch-in. Libby (as you know) loves to help cook, so she ran over and immediately started helping break beans. She did great! She never lost interest in the task and stood on the porch and helped Nonna until they were all gone (break two, eat one--there's more than one way to do it!)
Libby is so proud of her finished product.
After we ate lunch, the boys took off on their bikes for a few hour ride. It was beautiful weather, and they had a blast cursing and site seeing West Baden and French Lick. While they were gone, Libby, Nonna & I took a golf cart ride and Libby took a nice long nap--allowing Nonna and I to catch up on our gossip and paint our toenails.Beaver and Kathy's grandson, Harrison, was down for the weekend. He was 2 in April, so not much older than Libby. They played together so well! Here they are on their first date.

After dinner, they continued to play in the rocks. They scooped and poured and threw and piled rocks! Needless to say, Libby was filthy and needed a bath...

...but Nonna & Pop got rid of their bathtub and put in a shower when the remodeled the cabin. What is a girl to do? Yup, plop down in Nonna's wash tub in the shower (A few more weeks and she won't be able to fit in there, again!)

We barely made it out of the gate when Libby sacked out for the night..with a full belly and clean toes! There was a pretty sunset in the background as we drove home. What a great day! Thanks for having us, Nonna & Pop!

White Girls Can't Jump

Libby & Sophia started back to Gymnastics this week! It's amazing how much more coordinated they are this time...not to mention how much more well behaved! Here they are, ready for their first lesson with Miss Shelly! This is Libby's 3rd session--well, 4th if you count the time we showed up and we were the only person in the class (we had to drop out of that one!). The previous sessions, Libby had Miss Kelly for an she was a bit disappointed that her new instructor was Miss Shelly...but really, they sound the same when she says, no harm done.
Libby & Sophia wait patiently for their turn to run down the trampoline "road". Libby still cannot jump like the other kids. She puts her hands in the air and bends her knees, and says "jump", but really does not go anywhere. We hope she will develop that skill this go-round.
Climbing up and over herself. Momma's so proud!

Daddy spotting her on the high beam. Look out, Olympics 2020!

Look at her cute expression. She is really thinking hard about this one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So-feee-yaa is comin'

Mimi picked Libby up from Mema's today since I had to stay a little while late and work on employee evaluations. She took Libby to Carson's baseball game where I met them when I got off. She was in heaven when I got there--watching Car-Car play ball and eating Cheetos! The first thing she said to me when I walked up to her was, "Momma...I'm dirty!" Oh well--she was having fun!
After dinner (yup, she still had room for Pa-Sket-Tee after all of the Cheetos!) and a much needed bath, So-feee-yaa came over to get an extra toddler bed that we had. The girls were nuts! They ran and played and sang and tumbled and laughed and read and jumped and spun and fell and talked and giggled together so well. Here, Libby was showing Sophia her bed.
Libby & Sophia try to turn Libby's recliner into a love seat! Look at how close their hair color is! As you remember, they are just 9 days apart. They both went to the doctor this week and Sophia is 2 inches taller, but they both weigh 26 lbs. Two peas in a pod!

February of 2007--Libby and Sophia were just about 7 months old. Crazy, isn't it?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dave Matthews "Crashes" at Slugger Field

Gary's firm, always the one to graciously hand out perks to it's staff, gave us 2 infield tickets to the Willie Nelson/Dave Matthews concert last night! As always, the firm did it up right with tailgating in the parking lot before the concert (complete with Chic-fil-A and all you could drink). Gary & I met up with Kristin & Jeremy (and her sister and brother-in-law) to find our seats in the infield. Here, we wait in the forever long beer line.
Kristin & Jeremy---aren't they cute?
Our infield seats turned out to be really good. I first was a bit disappointed to find out that we didn't have real "seats", but later discovered that the first-come-first-serve, stand up next to drunk folks was the way to go!
Yeah, that's Dave. It was decent, but (truth be known) I was a little disappointed. DMB had a ton of "radio" songs that we all could sing along with....why didn't they play one that we knew? Crash...What would you say...Ants Marching....Would that have been too much to ask? He did play one song we knew--"Burning down the House", but sorry to say that was not even a DMB song!
The highlight of my night? Yup, you guessed it--running into Kevin Harned, meteorologist for WAVE-3 News.