Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So-feee-yaa is comin'

Mimi picked Libby up from Mema's today since I had to stay a little while late and work on employee evaluations. She took Libby to Carson's baseball game where I met them when I got off. She was in heaven when I got there--watching Car-Car play ball and eating Cheetos! The first thing she said to me when I walked up to her was, "Momma...I'm dirty!" Oh well--she was having fun!
After dinner (yup, she still had room for Pa-Sket-Tee after all of the Cheetos!) and a much needed bath, So-feee-yaa came over to get an extra toddler bed that we had. The girls were nuts! They ran and played and sang and tumbled and laughed and read and jumped and spun and fell and talked and giggled together so well. Here, Libby was showing Sophia her bed.
Libby & Sophia try to turn Libby's recliner into a love seat! Look at how close their hair color is! As you remember, they are just 9 days apart. They both went to the doctor this week and Sophia is 2 inches taller, but they both weigh 26 lbs. Two peas in a pod!

February of 2007--Libby and Sophia were just about 7 months old. Crazy, isn't it?


The Aguilars said...

The girls are so cute! I need to find Eva a Libby:)