Saturday, May 31, 2008


Talk about classy! Saturday evening, we went out to Hooters with The Welchs, The Sengs, The Mains (and a bunch of Mr. Main's buddies). Libby was not on her best behavior...probably due to such a busy day at the zoo with a not-so-long nap. None the less, she was able to shovel fries and chicken fingers in her mouth!

How could I have been aggravated at her? Look at that face!

Finally, the waitress noticed that our girls were bored and ready to go...and offered them a Hula Hoop to keep them occupied...who says that blondes are dumb??

Zoo Crew

The Cissells decided to join us for a trip to Huber's Orchard. Gary suggested that we spend the beautiful afternoon at the petting zoo, letting the girls get to know the animals. Here, the girls fed the deer.
Alpaca? Llama? They are all the same to me. Libby was amazingly brave with the animals.....
.....all but the ducks! She was having a grand 'ol time feeding the ducks/chickens when one goose hissed at her (who knew they hissed?). She begged me to pick her up and cried, "Momma, I'm scared!" Who taught her to say that?
It then became Cory's duty to keep the ducks/geese/chicken away from the kids. I bet you didn't know that he is known in these parts as the "Goose Whisper". Loving the playground!
After we all got good and hot, we decided to cool off at the Starlight Cafe. Luckily, Gary's cousin was working, so we earned ourselves free kids meals and a cheese and cracker platter. Libby is taking Sophia's order (they both agreed on PB&J).
Monkey See, Monkey Do! At lunch, the girls wanted whatever the other one had...even if that meant Sophia had to eat a pickle!! We had a great afternoon...Thanks for joining us, Cissells!

Biker Babe

After Gary's 3rd trip to the licence branch to get a plate for his bike (don't ask!!), he washed it off in the driveway. Libby has suddenly become fascinated with it. Every time she and I pull into the garage, she points to it..."Daddy's Bike!", then "Daddy's Hat" (pointing at his helmet).

This sudden love for Daddy's bike excites us...not that we really want her to be a 'biker babe' or anything, but simply because she used to be so scared of it. When Pop (my dad) would ride his Harley over, she would freak out and scream. We assume that it's because of how loud it is and how funny/scary they look with their helmets on.

Nonetheless, she has fallen in love with "Daddy's Bike". She has began to ask me, "Libby ride Daddy's Bike?". I quickly put my foot down....Momma's usual response? "No way, Jose!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Go Baby Go!

On Memorial Day Weekend, one of my friends from grade school, Christie, got married. Her wedding reception was at Churchill Downs...and was so beautiful! I didn't get many pictures (something about chasing a 2 year old), but we had a great time! Mom & Libby take a second to look at the horses.

She taught Libby to say, "Go Baby, Go". It is so funny to hear her say it!

Cheering her horse on! I think we have a horse fan on our hands.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Libby Banet, DVM

Tonight, Libby decided to take after her cousin, the "real" Dr. Banet, DVM and experiment with her Animal Hospital. Here, she was giving her teddy bear a full exam.
She loved to "listen" to our (and Killian's) hearts. She would hold the stethoscope to our chests and then say, "Boom, Boom".
Killians was a good sport for most of his exam, but when it came time for her to evaluate his pearly whites, he drew the line. What a good little vet she will make, one day....and hey, they wouldn't have to change the sign at "Hillside Animal Clinic".

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Girl Room

Our internet has been off and on for a week or so. During that time, we converted the guest bedroom into her "Big Girl" room...complete with new furniture, flooring, closet doors and a pink & brown theme. She has slept in it every night...and has done great in it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Potty Time

A few weeks back Gary & I got Libby a potty (and the Elmo's Potty Time DVD) so we could start introducing her to it. From time to time, she was going and sitting on it...but did nothing. Last night after her bath, I asked her if she wanted to go potty. She sat there for a few minutes and I began to read her a book when I heard her start to tinkle! I called Gary in and we all cheered for her! Before going to bed, she told us she wanted to go again--and she did! Mema said that she went 2 times at her house...and then another time tonight when she got home! We are so proud of her and know that she is growing up so fast!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Following Directions

Gary & I are so impressed with how well Libby has been doing at gymnastics, lately! It seems that her language has exploded over the past week or so--both in speaking and in understanding. Miss Kelly told us tonight to try to tell her (just with words) what to do during class ("Point your toes", "Crawl under this", etc) and much to our amazement, she was doing pretty good! You may note the pink polish on her little fingers! Is she girly or what??

She likes the balance beam, but usually walks up it holding our hands. Tonight, we were told to ask her to crawl up it and then slide down into this block thing. She loved it! We think we are going to change our plans a little and sign her up for next session, too, since she is doing so well! She loves seeing the big kids there, too!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Talk Derby To Me!

This year for Derby, Shannon, Kevin, Sarah & Shawn had a big party at their houses. They are next door neighbors, so it was the perfect set up! Shawn & Sarah had an awesome tent (which helped with the wind!) and Shannon & Kevin had 2 huge jumpers for the kids. Add two port-a-pots, a full sized pig on a grill as big as our first house, and it was a recipe for a great time! Libby enjoys the warm weather.
The guys put the pig on about 5 am and tended to it all day long. When it came time for pulling the pork apart, the girl's help got enlisted.
Princess Kayla takes a break from dress up to eat a cup of strawberries.
Libby & her boyfriend, TJ, can barley see over the table, but are determined to chow down some pork and mac & cheese!
Libby liked the jumper (but only for a few minutes). Lucky for her, she was already gone for the night when the adults decided to get in it--poor Kayla was not so lucky.Sophia & Amy try to warm up by playing a little ball. Thanks, guys! We all had a great time...and Gary won $100 on the race!