Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zoo Crew

The Cissells decided to join us for a trip to Huber's Orchard. Gary suggested that we spend the beautiful afternoon at the petting zoo, letting the girls get to know the animals. Here, the girls fed the deer.
Alpaca? Llama? They are all the same to me. Libby was amazingly brave with the animals.....
.....all but the ducks! She was having a grand 'ol time feeding the ducks/chickens when one goose hissed at her (who knew they hissed?). She begged me to pick her up and cried, "Momma, I'm scared!" Who taught her to say that?
It then became Cory's duty to keep the ducks/geese/chicken away from the kids. I bet you didn't know that he is known in these parts as the "Goose Whisper". Loving the playground!
After we all got good and hot, we decided to cool off at the Starlight Cafe. Luckily, Gary's cousin was working, so we earned ourselves free kids meals and a cheese and cracker platter. Libby is taking Sophia's order (they both agreed on PB&J).
Monkey See, Monkey Do! At lunch, the girls wanted whatever the other one had...even if that meant Sophia had to eat a pickle!! We had a great afternoon...Thanks for joining us, Cissells!


The Cissells said...

We had a great time. Thanks for the invite!