Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating Diva

For the first time in about 7 years, Libby and I put the Christmas Tree up by ourselves. It had become a tradition that Shena comes over to help, but she got out of it this year because she had to work this weekend. I guess she can get out of it for one year since I made her put up 2 last year! Libby Grace
Libby sorting out the lights.
Trying to decide where these ornaments were going to go.Ever since I was born, my parents have gotten me an angel ornament for our tree. When Gary and I got married, I took all 25 ornaments to put on our tree. Since then, Gary gets an ornament with a dog on it each year, and now Libby gets one with a Fairy on it. It really makes for an interesting Hodge-podge tree, but I love all that sentimental stuff! Libby really got the hang of decorating the tree. Her IU shirt with her IU ornament.

The finished product

One of "Those" Parents

Today when we put up the tree, we had to take down the TV that we keep in the front room. Gary decided to try it out in Libby's room for a bit. As you can image, it looked pretty much like this all day (with Dora on it). We'll have to be careful that she does not get addicted, but for today it worked out great so we could have her upstairs with us while we were watching all of the games today.


Last night, we went out to celebrate Jill's birthday (which is today--Happy Birthday, Jill!) We went to "TOMO" (formerly Tran) for dinner and then headed to the Chicken House to hear The Rumors. As always, it was a great night hanging out with our friends (minus Shawn's Boo). Libby & I before we left to take her to Chris and Carrie's for the night (Thanks so much for keeping her!!)
The volcano is my favorite part of this dinner. We thought it was so funny that our server's name was Jesus (I didn't know this was a Mexican place).
You can dress her up, but you can't take JP's sister, Sonya, anywhere! Here, she tries to show Jesus that the spatula-spinning is as easy as it looks.Gary and I waiting for our California RollsShawn & Sarah

The girls at the Chicken House. Sarah and her new boots. You can't tell from this picture, but they really do what they are intended to do! Right, Shawn?

It's a Jeep Thing...

I know for those of you who do not have Jeeps, you despise the saying, "It's a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn't understand". Gary sold his BMW and got this a few weeks ago. For those of you who are keeping count, this is the 4th Jeep that Gary and I have had since we have been married. I guess you wouldn't understand.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

This evening, Gary and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house as we have in the past 4 years. It has become a tradition for us to cook the day after Thanksgiving for my parents, his parents and our siblings. Since nobody likes turkey 2 days in a row, we always make something other than the traditional Thanksgiving feast. This year we made 2 different kinds of Lasagna (White and Traditional) and Spaghetti and Meatballs. It was delish. Here Libby & I enjoy a few minutes of silence before the company arrives.
Nonna and Libby in their matching leaf shirts.
Mimi & Pop with their little girl (yes, she has shoes on her hands!)
Mimi with her favorite grand kids (Carson, Keaton and Libby).
Libby and her two grandmothers (Nonna & Mimi).
Libby & Keaton acting goofy--using the napkin rings from dinner as glasses!
What's Thanksgiving without football? Check out this action shot! We decided that between playing with cars and footballs tonight, Libby Grace might be a Tom-Boy.
Libby and her Unca-Chris

After Libby got her Jimmy-Jommers on, she and Carson decided to end the evening with a lovely duet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Photos

We took Libby to CLICK today to have her Christmas photos taken. The family shots did not turn out great...but we did get lots of great shots of Libby. Above is going to be our Christmas card photo.

I loved this one...I think she looks so much like her Daddy!

What's a Christmas photo session without a picture of a kid holding a huge ornament? I liked the look on her face in this one. That is her "typical" face.

My sweet little girl!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shena and Gibby's Wedding

Shena & Gibby finally said "I DO" on Saturday! I am so blessed and honored that I got to be such an intricate part of the wedding--serving as the wedding planner and the matron of honor! Everything went perfect, with no flaws or errors the entire day! Shena looked amazing and Libby Grace was the best flower girl that I have ever seen!
Libby and her proud Momma (she was not too sure about the wedding at first, but she soon warmed up and danced the night away!) I cannot wait to get the professional photos back since Libby was such a ham during so many of the shots!
Me and the Happy Groom

Gary and the beautiful bride!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Preperations

Being this beautiful does not happen overnight! It takes some work! Here we are the night before getting our manicures and pedicures done. After Shena treated us to this, we headed to dinner and then home for a relaxing evening prior to the big day. The "before" photo of us prior to the wedding. Note that we are drinking mimosas as we wait to get our hair done!
Getting my hair done. I think I am going to start having this girl come to my house before work each day to do my hair and make-up.
Shena's Du Lunch at "Heavenly Ham" before we headed off to the hotel to get dressed.Somehow, Nancy got out of having to lace up Shena's dress and I was stuck, I mean....blessed...with the honor. It took about 15 minutes to get this thing on...but man, it was worth it! Look how beautiful she looks!
Me and the handsome husband-to-be. I think the Budweiser in his hand makes him look calmer than he really was.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal went off without a hitch. A few small arguments between the in-laws and out-laws, but nothing worth repeating. After our practice, we headed to Rocky's on the River for dinner. As you can tell, Libby was crazy about her Pa-ske-etti.
Libby, as you know from other posts, loves Little People. Shena found her the perfect gift for being in the wedding...a Little People wedding set....complete with the cake, the bride, groom and little flower girls/ring bearer. Here we practice how she's going to walk down the isle. After dinner, several of us pitched in to rent another party bus that took us to some bars for Shena and Gibby's last night on the town as single folks. Don't they look happy?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Girls

Philip brought his family into town for the wedding. We were so excited because this was the first time that many of us had a chance to meet their newest daughter Emeline (or Eme). Here, Libby and Lucia get a second to love on this sweet little bundle. What a cutie!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


On Thursday, we left for our 3rd Annual TFWINWTTOTB. For those of you who don't know what the acronym stands for, don't worry, you are not missing much. This weekend became a prime opportunity for Shawn, Sarah, Jean-Paul, Jill, Gary and I to hang out and to make some stead-fast rules for next year. Above, is rule number 7: All Bears must wear hats.
Gary and I enjoying our beautiful view of the mountains. This was just before we wrote rule number 8: Angie is not to drink "Pirate Punch".
Last year, we found a pet...named Ricky the Racoon. This year, he was referred to as Barocky Racoon. I think he was friends with our eiberneighs.
Jill, Sarah and me take a second for a photo op. Our fridge in the chalet looked like it belonged in a frat house! All it had was beer and cheese.
I posted this picture of Shawn and Sarah as a reminder of rule number 10: Shawn cannot take pictures of Christmas Lights. Rule number 13: No Freaking GMC's (Yes, that is my car pulling out Shawn's truck with a garden hose!) The Jimmy is working great now, and it was just a fluke that it would not go in 4 wheel drive for a moment.
This is the group (minus me, of course) shopping downtown. This photo of Shawn reminds me of rules number 5, 6, and 7. Shawn is not to hold little baskets, have wings or say "Hi" to a guy.JP and Gary were pumped about the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum.
While the girls spent MANY hours shopping, the guys spent most of their day like this---at the "Hogs and Honey's" Bar, sitting at the bar overlooking the strip, and people watching. It was there that they decided that the 3 girls needed a pair of furry boots. Before dinner
Me, Jill and Barocky
After dinner, we went to play Putt-Putt (what is a trip to Gatlinburg without a game of golf?) Sarah and Jill look like the Goonies finding One Eyed Willie's Treasure. Jill even quoted the awesome movie!
I danced with some scary guy.
So did Sarah.
Our annual "end of the weekend" photo. We had a great time and had lots of good weather. Thanks, guys!