Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hoehn Cousin Party

Saturday was our 5th Annual Hoehn Cousin Party. This gathering was developed at the funeral of my grandmother, when my brother and a few cousins feared that her passing would mark the end of the large family get togethers that once took place. My mom is one of 12 children, making up a total of 33 first cousins on the Hoehn side. Only those who have graduated from high school are invited to this competition, complete with games, brackets and the convented Hoehn Cup! We had a record turn out this year, with 14 first cousins (and spouses).
Me, Ashley and Shena Drawing number to see who was going to fall into which bracket. This year, the games were Euchre, Golden Tee, Pool and Jenga. Jenga got harder as the night went on, especially after drinking the Hoehn Hooch. Above, Scott, Jeremy and Gibby. Me and Jill's boyfriend battled it out...setting the first record of the night of 31 pieces. Gibby, Lucas and our 31 block tall tower (I was secretly hoping Gibby would knock it down during this photo so it wouldn't be my turn). Me and Laura played pool.......she won (even though she was picking balls up and putting them into the pockets!)
After many hours of playing, Jason won the coveted Hoehn Cup! Gary had won it for the previous 2 years, and hated to part with it, but happily handed it over to one of the newest additions to the Hoehn family.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nonna & Pop's House

We are going to be celebrating Christmas with Mom and Dad on Saturday when Philip and
Amanda get into town, but after our much needed afternoon nap, we ran out to Mom and Dad's for dinner and a visit. Libby Grace and Nonna made me a present!
While we were in the living room watching "A Christmas Story", Nonna and Libby were in the kitchen planting me an Amaryllis flower.
She even wrapped it for me!Libby's patience was getting the best of her when she asked Pop if she could have a present that was under the tree. In Libby's defense, she had opened over 50 presents for the day and didn't understand why we had to wait until Saturday to open more! Nonna let her open one of her stocking stuffers! The whistle was a hit! Good thing we left it at Nonna and Pop's house! Libby gets her noodle eating abilities from her Momma who can eat a bowl of Nonna's noodles for every meal! Libby licked the bowl clean, man, Nonna makes great noodles!

Christmas Afternoon at the Stiller's

After we enjoyed playing with Libby's toys, we headed to the Stiller's for more gift giving and lunch. By this time, Libby was getting faster at opening her presents and was tearing through them as fast as we could hand them to her. This change in pace was a good thing, since you can see all of Libby's presents surrounding her Daddy!
Libby got tons of awesome things...a Dora Movie, a Princess outfit, a pony set, Dora Book, a retro toaster, a huge monkey and tons of other great toys! She won't know what to play with first! Christmas is about giving, too! Libby thought it was so much fun to help Carson hand out the gifts to the family.
Oscar loves to kiss Libby right on the face! She just cracks up. Libby and her Crimson Cousins Keaton and Carson both got IU warm-up suit pants and tons of other IU gear. Libby Grace couldn't be left out! Libby and her Mimi Carson had been such a good boy this year that Santa brought him a new dirt bike! Libby thinks she needs one next year to ride down at the track!
Thanks to everyone for a great Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Libby woke up early this morning, around 7:00am. We knew that she was excited about Santa coming, but I think Gary and I were both a little surprised that she woke up so early. I think we all can remember how hard it was to fall asleep on Christmas Eve and how our eyes flew wide open on Christmas morning before we went to see what Santa brought.
Libby didn't have any "big ticket" items that she wanted this year for Christmas. When asked, she would just say that she wanted "People" from the big guy. Libby got lots of great toys....everything mostly Princess or Mickey, in preparation for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.
As I mentioned before, Libby is a slow-poke when it comes to opening presents. Our video disk was only 30 minutes long, and shortly after the opening began, Gary began to wonder if we should not record the whole thing so we'd have tape left for the rest of the day.

Her favorite present? It's hard to tell--she really seemed to love them all (with the exception of socks, PJ's and anything clothes related). She was most excited about the race track, the Wonder Pets movie and of course the Little People.

Daddy was most excited about the race doubt about that!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Libby, Killians and Tucker get Santa's milk and cookies ready for his visit.
Libby decided that she wanted to draw Santa a picture to leave next to the milk and cookies. Gary and I cracked up when we heard her start by saying, "Dear Santa...." Such a grown up little girl!
Libby had to sample one of Santa's cookies. So did Killians.
We ended the evening the way we have every Christmas Eve since Libby was born. She sat on her Daddy's lap as he read "The Night Before Christmas" to her. We put her to bed early since we know what a long and busy day tomorrow will bring. Here Killians pose next to the presents that Santa just brought. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Christmas Eve at Mimi & Pop's

Christmas Eve afternoon, we headed over to Mimi and Pop's house for a yummy dinner and to visit for a while. Here Libby poses next to Mimi's Christmas Tree.
Momma, Daddy and their tired little girl.
Opening a present that is bigger than she is!
Helping her Pop pump up the new sleeping bag that she got. He was really being a good sport!
Testing out her new air mattress/sleeping bag from Dana and Billy. She loves it!
Libby is a painfully slow present-opener! She tears each tiny piece, hands it to the closest adult and says, "here you go" each time. Christmas morning should be fun. Scott and Jill tell Santa thanks for their I-Phones that he brought them for Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Killians Klaus

Libby & one of her best friends, Killians, pose next to the tree. Tucker was hiding and wanted nothing to do with a Christmas photo op.
Lovin' on her favorite doggie.
This afternoon she was coloring a picture and I heard her tell her daddy, "I'm going to give this to Santa". I also caught (and videoed) her singing "Santa Claus is coming to Town" in the bathtub tonight. I cannot wait for Thursday! She is going to be so much fun!
Shaking with Killians (he is always such a good sport).

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is to not be paged on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!
On our way out to our Manager Christmas party at Buck's yesterday, Kristin and our assistant nurse manager, Sally ran into Santa in the hall! I told him I have been a good girl this year, so I am hoping that he'll bring me what I ask for!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding Proofs

Shena got her professional wedding photos back last week and brought them over tonight to share them with us. Thanks to modern technology (AKA; my scanner), I "borrowed" a few of these pictures to share with you all until our order comes in. Here is our little princess. Doesn't she look like an angel? Libby & I pose with the Gibsons
The BanetsMe with the beautiful bride I loved this picture of Libby looking up at Shena!
Libby giving Shena kisses!

Walking up the isle with her momma.