Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Libby woke up early this morning, around 7:00am. We knew that she was excited about Santa coming, but I think Gary and I were both a little surprised that she woke up so early. I think we all can remember how hard it was to fall asleep on Christmas Eve and how our eyes flew wide open on Christmas morning before we went to see what Santa brought.
Libby didn't have any "big ticket" items that she wanted this year for Christmas. When asked, she would just say that she wanted "People" from the big guy. Libby got lots of great toys....everything mostly Princess or Mickey, in preparation for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.
As I mentioned before, Libby is a slow-poke when it comes to opening presents. Our video disk was only 30 minutes long, and shortly after the opening began, Gary began to wonder if we should not record the whole thing so we'd have tape left for the rest of the day.

Her favorite present? It's hard to tell--she really seemed to love them all (with the exception of socks, PJ's and anything clothes related). She was most excited about the race track, the Wonder Pets movie and of course the Little People.

Daddy was most excited about the race doubt about that!