Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Afternoon at the Stiller's

After we enjoyed playing with Libby's toys, we headed to the Stiller's for more gift giving and lunch. By this time, Libby was getting faster at opening her presents and was tearing through them as fast as we could hand them to her. This change in pace was a good thing, since you can see all of Libby's presents surrounding her Daddy!
Libby got tons of awesome things...a Dora Movie, a Princess outfit, a pony set, Dora Book, a retro toaster, a huge monkey and tons of other great toys! She won't know what to play with first! Christmas is about giving, too! Libby thought it was so much fun to help Carson hand out the gifts to the family.
Oscar loves to kiss Libby right on the face! She just cracks up. Libby and her Crimson Cousins Keaton and Carson both got IU warm-up suit pants and tons of other IU gear. Libby Grace couldn't be left out! Libby and her Mimi Carson had been such a good boy this year that Santa brought him a new dirt bike! Libby thinks she needs one next year to ride down at the track!
Thanks to everyone for a great Christmas!