Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's get a little mud on the tires...

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon down at JP's Dad's land. It was perfect go-cart weather....I got so muddy that I had to throw my clothes away, though.Libby wanted to make sure that she didn't get any mud in her eyes. Luckily, when Gary took Lucia and Libby for a ride, they didn't go in the muddy wooded path.
Uncle Shawn shoes Libby the right way to hold a bat....I think she might be on our co-ed league this summer.

Let's go fly a kite...

I've been pretty swamped lately with work, gymnastics, life and my new found love for "Facebook". I apologize for all of my followers for my pitiful postings lately. Let me try to catch you all up....
A few weeks ago, my brother, Philip, and Lucia came home from Baltimore for a long weekend. It was one of those beautiful weekends! Nonna and Pop got the girls kites, which they couldn't wait to try out. Here, Libby and Lucia pose with the kites.

Pop with 2 of his 3 girls. I laugh when I look at this picture because I think about Dad's story from the week before (when we were in Vegas). Libby was on the swing and Dad was pushing her...she was saying "weee". Always knowing what she wants, Libby then turned to Dad and said, "Now, I'll push you and you say weeee". I laugh out loud every time I picture my dad with his hands in the air screaming "Weeee!" just to appease her. What a great Pop!

Speaking of great Pops, check out the ride he gave the girls on the tractor! Lucia was scared and asked him to stop, but Libby kept on going. She loved it when he lifted the bucket up and down. What a little Tom Girl!

It was a great day for kite flying, as Pop showed the girls.

And the wind made it easy to blow bubbles!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

For my 31st birthday, we headed to Vegas for a long weekend. Gary and I had never been, so we were looking forward to a little get away!
We stayed at the Paris, which was so beautiful!
The first day, we just walked around the strip and tried to take it all in! We tried to hit a few of the casinos, mainly just to see the attractions! Here were are at Caesars' Palace.
Day 2 was much of the same...walking around, seeing the sights, shopping, eating and drinking! The time change was pretty hard for us to manage, staying up until 12 Vegas time, was pushing it for us old folks (it was 3am our time!) We did manage to get a few naps in so we could actually party! We met up with an old high school friend of mine, Pappy, who runs lights for the Elvis show. It was great to catch up and reminisce about my theatre days.
As day 2 came to a close, headed to see"Jersey Boys". It was such an awesome show! It made me want to drop my nursing career and head back on stage! After the show, we went for a walk, enjoyed the lights and fountains and headed back to the Paris, where we found the best piano bar! Cute, huh?
What would a trip to Vegas be without an old lady bus tour to the Hoover Dam? (or the Damn Dam, as we kept calling it!) It was really actually so very cool to see that place! It was breath taking! They are building a bridge next to the dam and when it is complete, cars will no longer be allowed to cross over the damn dam. I found it pretty facinating!
Our last night we treated ourselves to an amazing dinner in the Eiffle Tower Resturant in the Paris.After enjoying a few drinks at the Paris' bar, we sat down for an amazing dinner! It was worth every penny...and the sights (overlooking the fountain) were amazing!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Banets take over gymnastics...

Tonight Libby was thrilled to see that one of her favorite cousins, Will, joined her gymnastics class! They spend many afternoons together at Mema's playing together, so it was quite the treat for Libby (or "Bibby" as Will calls her) was going to get to tumble with her!
Check out that stance! Looks like a pro, don't ya think?
Libby and Will marching around the circle.
Classic "Libby Surfing" pose (or so I am told).
Having fun in the climber.A forward roll like a pro. Check out that form....
Libby with her cousins Will and Harrison.

Looking like she was just told to "walk the plank", Libby gets ready for a very calculated jump into the rings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Her first taste of Sushi

After a much needed nap, we headed to dinner at Kansai Japanese Steakhouse. Gary was in the mood for Sushi (and I can always eat a California Roll!) we thought we'd let Libby give it a try. She loved the salad and was instantly a pro at the chopsticks (okay, so they were modified with a rubber band and a rolled up piece of paper, but she still did great!)
Showing the other kids in the restaurant how it was done. We will know for next time to sit where she can watch the Japanese Chefs. She asked over and over when they were going to come to our table.

Here was her first attempt at Sushi. Check out that face...I think she didn't like them before she even tried it! Lucky for her, Mommy and Daddy polished off the plate without her help.

Easter Sunday

Libby sporting her Easter dress getting ready to hunt eggs at Nonna & Pop's house. It was such a beautiful day and Libby was very into finding the eggs!Me, Gary & Libby
Nonna & Pop with their little girl.
Not a very lady-like pose, but here she is getting ready for the hunt....
Finding her first egg.
She loved walking around the yard. The Easter Bunny didn't hide them too hard (except for the 2 with money it them for Mommy & Daddy!)'s one.
After finding all of the eggs, we headed inside for the traditional Easter brunch...ham, eggs and the best Cinnamon rolls on earth! I love these rolls and still don't know why Nonna just makes them once a year...I could eat them every day!
After breakfast, we headed outside for the rest of the afternoon, playing with the Frisbee that Nonna & Pop got Libby Grace. Pop must have thrown that thing 100 times to Libby.

Finally, he began helping her catch it. She closed her eyes every time, so he'd catch it and put it in her hands just in time for her to think that she caught it herself...sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

"Hoppy" Easter

Since Gary and I will be out of town next Sunday on Easter, we celebrated a week early. Libby woke up to find her basket filled with lots of goodies...coloring books, dress up shoes, sidewalk chalk and Peeps (her favorite!)
Peeps for breakfast?
Showing off her sidewalk chalk.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Egg-cellent job coloring eggs

After our much needed nap, we decided to go ahead and color our Easter eggs. Since Gary and I are leaving on Thursday to go to Vegas for my birthday, we have sent the Easter Bunny an email and asked him to come this week, not next week. He was so happy, since he has so many other houses to go to and he said it gets tiresome to hide all of those eggs in one day. Daddy and Libby coloring the eggs.
Libby loved coloring the eggs. She tasted the water (licked it off of her finger) and said, "well, it looked like juice, but it doesn't taste like juice".
Stirring the water, getting it ready for the eggs.

Coloring the eggs prior to dipping them was her favorite part of the day. She did an egg-celent job!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Slumber Party

For the last few years, my girlfriends and I have been having "girl's night out" every few months or so. This month, since Mark was going to be out of town, Dena offered to host "girl's night in" at her house. Six adults plus 11 children under the age of 4, no boys and a few drinks was without a doubt the formula for a great time! Above, Libby with one of her best friends, Kayla. They are sporting their matching "Best Friend" true "slumber party" style!
I am that I know what most of you are thinking right now:
"How on earth did you all deal with that many kids all night long?? You all are crazy!"
Really, the kids were awesome! They all ate well together, played well together and even went to sleep without too much problem.
Here we are...the whole crew in our PJ's. The challenge was not getting the kids to sit for this photo was getting the mommies to figure out the timers on their cameras!
From left to right:
Gracie, Ally, Kayla, Brooklyn, Ashlyn, Addie, Lilly, Libby, TJ, Carson and Stella.
Finally, the moment we all had been waiting for...Bedtime! (okay, maybe not all of us, but most certainly the mommies!) Nine character sleeping bags, chocolate milks, 14 trips upstairs to go pee, a "Go Diego Go" video and a "Barney" video later, the kids were finally asleep! Now it was time for the big girls to play!
Anyone that grew up in the 80's knows the above game, "Girl Talk". This was the game to play at slumber parties in grade school. Back then, we'd all put on our PJ's and spin the wheel, answer the questions and laugh our heads off at the "zits" that you had to wear when you didn't answer a question.
It was very comforting to know that some things never change!!
Joni, Sarah and Dena modeling the game. This as you can tell was "pre-zit"!

The next morning, we all got up...ate about 3 bags of donuts and headed home...most of us still wearing our PJ's. We already have our next slumber party planned for June! What a great time! Thanks for having us, Dena!