Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So, you think you can dance?

Last night was Libby and Sophia's "Parent Night" at DanceWorks. Overall, we were really impressed how well that they did during their lesson. Here, Libby waits outside of the studio and watches the "big girls" do their dance moves. I loved this. When it was time to go into the studio, the girls dropped mine and Amy's hands and grabbed each other's hands. How sweet!I hate how my camera does not take very good indoor photos, but love this posed photo of the girls. At one point during the class, a little girl on the side watching them said, "Look Mommy, there are twins in this class".
Painting pretty things in the sky.
Come'on, ride the train...
Doing her heel tap. Daddy helping her put on her ballet shoes.
Doing her graceful swan walk across the floor.
Okay, so turns out the 50 minute class got a little boring at the end. Check out Libby laying on the floor waiting for the other girls to do their moves.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tap and Ballet Class

This week Libby and Sophia started their first dance lessons at DanceWorks. It's funny that at the age of 3, these girls have done every "First" lesson together...Swim, Gymnastics and now Dance! Above, Libby can hardly contain her excitement! I was a little disappointed that the studio is a "closed" studio, so parents cannot watch the lessons...just on "Parent Observation Night" which is next week.
Amy and I think WAY too much alike...down to our taste in leos! Libby & Sophia were so adorable when they realized that they had on matching outfits! Their little tap and ballet shoes are adorable and I really think they had a great time! Libby's been showing us her new "dance moves"...and all I can say is..."Look out Dancing with the stars!"