Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tap and Ballet Class

This week Libby and Sophia started their first dance lessons at DanceWorks. It's funny that at the age of 3, these girls have done every "First" lesson together...Swim, Gymnastics and now Dance! Above, Libby can hardly contain her excitement! I was a little disappointed that the studio is a "closed" studio, so parents cannot watch the lessons...just on "Parent Observation Night" which is next week.
Amy and I think WAY too much alike...down to our taste in leos! Libby & Sophia were so adorable when they realized that they had on matching outfits! Their little tap and ballet shoes are adorable and I really think they had a great time! Libby's been showing us her new "dance moves"...and all I can say is..."Look out Dancing with the stars!"


The Cissells said...

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!