Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo to You!

Every year since Libby was born we have gone over to Gary's mom's house on Halloween for a party and so the kids can trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. This year, she was Cinderella.

Libby and Carly get ready to head out to find some candy.
Me as the devil...really, do you have to ask?
Nonna and Pop take a second to pose before we all headed up the street to hunt down some more candy!

After we hit a few houses, Libby said that she wanted to go back to get her car. It was pretty apparent why she thought that the car was a necessity for Trick-or-Treating.... Princess Sleeping Beauty 2008
Libby as Minnie Mouse 2007

We all had a great time! I know her eyes are almost closed in this one, but I liked that it showed her blue eyeshadow! Libby loved handing out the candy just as much as she loved going up to the houses and getting the candy!