Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Gary & I have put a lot of thought into transitioning Libby to a Toddler bed. We finally decided that even though her crib is a convertible one, we would rather get new furniture and keep her "baby" furniture in storage for a while. We decided that Libby was getting ready to try out her own "big girl" bed after spending the last 4 nights away from home and out of her crib. Here, Libby helps her Daddy put together her new bed.
We are going to be re-doing Libby's room and moving her to another bedroom in the house. We have agreed on a theme and will go from there (Nonna doesn't know it, but she is going to be helping with making the bedding and curtains!) Since we are not sure how she'll do with this move, we have decided to move the toddler bed into her room next to her crib for a while to get her adjusted. Last night after we got it set up, she laid down and said..."Night, Night, Momma". We let her play around and get comfortable with it. And "play around" she did! She must have climbed in and out of that thing 100 times! Finally, we said our good nights, put up the baby gate in the doorway (so if she woke up, she wouldn't roam around the house) and she fell right asleep. We checked on her a few hours later to find....
...her 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the bed. Gary put her back in and she did fine until about 3:00 AM when Gary went to check on her and she was all of the way on the floor. She couldn't have fallen out or we would have heard her and she would have cried...right? So we are hoping for another successful night tonight. She went right asleep and when we just checked on her we saw.......Libby & Boo Bear sleeping on the floor. Back into the bed and fingers crossed for a night in the bed tonight!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Up, Up and Away

This weekend, the Banet's took their first trip to Maryland to visit my brother, Philip and his family. It was Libby's first time on a plane and Gary & I were anxious to see how she'd do. Since our flight was not until 6:00ish at night, we hoped that she would nap in the air. At the airport, Libby checked out the planes as they drove by. Getting pumped for her first flight!Thank goodness for "Little People". We took some of her favorite toys with us, and since it was a nearly empty flight, were able to let her sit in her own seat and play. Here, she enjoys her in-flight pretzels.

Under the Sea--Day 1

On Thursday morning, after Philip cooked us a great waffle breakfast, we got ready for some sight seeing. It was a rainy day, so we decided on an indoor activity--the Maryland Aquarium. Here, Lucia tries out her new umbrella that Nonna got her for Easter. Philip with his girls!

The Banet family outside of the Aquarium. Libby with her Uncle Philip and her Bunny, "Hare Club". This fluffy bunny got his name because he shed so badly throughout our trip.
Daddy & Libby getting ready to go into the dolphin show.

Momma's girl.

When does Libby not have food or drink her her mouth?

The girls pressed their noses against the glass to see the "fish". I love this one since it shows their height difference so well. Libby's vocabulary exploded this weekend. She began putting together 4 and 5 words at a time. "Momma, I want more"...."Daddy, I go pee-pee, now" name a few. I think being around her big cousin made her see how to communicate a little bit better.

The Zoo Crew--Day 2

After a Jock's Lunch style breakfast prepared by Philip, Lucia & Libby, we packed up and headed to the Maryland Zoo. Since Gary & I have family pass to the Louisville Zoo, we got in free to this Zoo as well! It was a cool but sunny, beautiful day! Since it was not hot, like it often is when we usually go to the zoo, we were pleased that the animals were all out and moving around.
The girls pose with the Lion.
Libby needs her shades it is so sunny out!
The Beanblossom Family.
The Banet Family.
Philip stealing a kiss from Libby Grace.
Amanda & Lucia on the Merry-go-Round.
Lucia and a Penguin.
Gary was pissed because the giraffe that he picked to put Libby on did not go up and down. They wouldn't give him the 2 tokens back.
Typical Philip & Angie shot.
Libby & her Daddy.
Lucia in the bird nest.
The girls sacked out after a long day at the zoo.

The Worse Irish Restaurant

Gary & I have a rule when we travel that we will not eat at a chain restaurant or a place that we have at home. This rule has landed us in some great and some not-so-great places in our years. Since Philip & Amanda were treating us to dinner this night, we told them to pick the place. They took us to an Irish Restaurant...called O' something's.
Before we went, Gary & I were asking them if this place was as good as the Irish Rover or the Irish Lion, two yummy restaurants--one in Louisville, one in Bloomington. We laughed so hard when they said it was not as good as either of them...and that it was "worse" Irish restaurant that they had been to. Why, then, did they want to take us there for dinner? After all of the hype, it was good. Libby loved her mashed taters and onion rings.

D.C.--Day 3

We got up early to travel an hour to Washington D.C. It was their annual Cherry Blossom Day, and they were in full beautiful. Here Libby is sitting in a Cherry Blossom tree with the the Jefferson Monument in the background. How sweet is that?? Another pretty shot. The Washington Monument.
Libby & her own Cherry Blossom.
This is the first time I had been back to D.C. since my 8th grade trip. It was nice to go again as an adult since I appreciated the history so much more.
Aside from being the Cherry Blossom Day, it was the 42nd annual kite day. In the mall area, there were hundreds of people flying kites! It was so pretty. We were cracking up at them all getting their strings tied up! Libby went right for the Nemo kite.
Libby & her Uncle Philip at the Lincoln.
At lunch, the girls found a fountain to pose next to.

Libby & Lucia were great! I am not going to bore you all with all of the other monument pictures, but it was so nice to go with someone who has been a lot and could hit the highlights. There were a lot of moving monuments--including a new one dedicated to the nurses of war. We headed out with a very eventful ride home in time for a short nap before dinner.

A Merry time in Maryland

My one real request was that we went to a restaurant where they dump steamed crabs covered in Old Bay seasoning on a paper covered table. Libby gave it a shot--and made it look easy.
It was delicious, but too much work for me. I think next time I'll order the crab already shelled. Thanks, Philip, Amanda & Lucia for your hospitality! We had a great time!
I have tons and tons of other pictures that I'll try to post at a later date.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg-cellent day!

Lovin' on her Mimi at Chris & Carrie's house. Was I confused? This is Easter, not Christmas, right? Libby got 2 more Easter baskets...clothes, toys, books, a necklace, snacks...and all sorts of other fun goodies!
Check out her "Easter Egg Hunting Champ" bib. Yummy mac-n-cheese.
Libby steals the blanket and lays down for a few seconds of shut eye.
Libby & Kee-Kee.
I loved those wind-mill blower things when I was growing up. They just remind me of Easter (It seems like I got one of them or a kite in my basket growing up). This poor wind-mill was covered in spit by the time she was done playing with it.

Easter Breakfast at Nonna & Pop's

As soon as we walked into Mom and Dad's, Dolly was guarding Libby's Easter basket. Libby had to check her goods out right away! She went straight for the bubbles and umbrella!
Nonna showed her how the Pop-up book worked.
Nonna & Pop told Libby that the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs in the house. She was off and running to find the candy and cash filled eggs. Here's one, Momma, behind the cat!I found another one next to the clock!
Common' Daddy & Nonna, let's look in the living room!!

The Banet family's Easter photo. Look hard and see the snow falling behind us!

Nonna, Pop and Libby pose next to the pretty pansies.

Testing out the new 'brella.

Ever since forever, we have had ham, Easter eggs and mom's famous cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Libby checks out her egg! Thanks mom and dad for a great Easter morning!