Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Worse Irish Restaurant

Gary & I have a rule when we travel that we will not eat at a chain restaurant or a place that we have at home. This rule has landed us in some great and some not-so-great places in our years. Since Philip & Amanda were treating us to dinner this night, we told them to pick the place. They took us to an Irish Restaurant...called O' something's.
Before we went, Gary & I were asking them if this place was as good as the Irish Rover or the Irish Lion, two yummy restaurants--one in Louisville, one in Bloomington. We laughed so hard when they said it was not as good as either of them...and that it was "worse" Irish restaurant that they had been to. Why, then, did they want to take us there for dinner? After all of the hype, it was good. Libby loved her mashed taters and onion rings.