Monday, July 28, 2008

Bed Bug

Libby goes to bed every night at when Gary & I go to bed a few hours later, we always peak in on her to make sure she is still tucked in before we head to bed. It is always so funny to see the different ways that she is laying. Some nights she is just the way we left her at 8:30, other nights she is upside down, head covered up, feet on the floor, etc. This is what we saw last night when we went to bed. What a silly monkey!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We all scream for Ice Cream!

After naps and dinner, went to Berry Twist before going over to the Welch's. Libby & Daddy patiently await their strawberry shortcakes.

As you can was well worth the wait! Gary & Libby took Justin's new buggy for a ride around the Welch's yard. Gary is pretty sure that Libby needs one of her own for Christmas. We'll see......

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zoo Crew

Gary & I decided to utilize our zoo passes and spend a few hours checking out the animals. We went as soon as it opened at 10:00am, in hopes to see the animals and visit for a few hoursbefore it got too hot out. Mimi & Pop came along. Libby and Pop took a quick ride on the Mary-Go-Round to cool off.Here, Libby shows the tiger the one that she got in the gift shop. Mimi & Libby pose with the penguins.
We found the turtle that one of the partners at Gary's firm sculped and donated to the zoo. Libby was pretty impressed with Mark's work!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Libby!

Libby turned 2 years old today. Man, that is hard for a Momma to believe. When Libby was born, my mom got her a Star-Gazer Lilly to plant in the yard, so it would be in bloom every year on her birthday! We cannot believe how big they (her Libby & her Lilly) have gotten!
Here she and her Lilly are at 8 days old. We had a "Finding Nemo" themed Birthday Party. The invitations read, "Splish, Splash, it's Libby's second Birthday Bash!". The house was decked out in Blue & Orange, complete with a Nemo Cake, plates and personalized banner. The fish bowls with Nemo, Dory, Crush and Bruce and real goldfish were a huge hit! I am sure all of the Mommies will love us in a few days when their new scaly friends go belly up! Here Nonna lets Libby lick the icing.
This picture turned out dark, but it is still cute of Libby posing with her Nonna & Pop.
We got Libby all set up and ready to go, when Gary discovered that the disk that I had in the video recorder needed changed. Libby waited very patiently for several minutes until we worked out our technical difficulties. She passed the time by sampling her Nemo cake!
For the past week, Libby had been singing, "Happy Birthday", but I couldn't help but panic when all of her family turned their eyes to her to sing! I was waiting for a 2-year-old melt down, but much to my surprise, Libby stood next to her cake and grinned the whole time. Blowing out the candle. She never quite got it, but she gave it her best. Libby & Ally pose...each with green/blue teeth! They are such great friends!
Libby got tons of amazing gifts! Lots of money to go in her college fund, clothes, books, toys, an awesome recliner from her Mimi & Pop, 2 more pearls on her necklace from Momma & Daddy, along with a table and chairs...and Nonna & Pop got her a tricycle! We almost didn't get her off of it! She kept demanding that people "push me!". It was a hit! Thanks everyone!

Libby's 2 Year Pictures

Last weekend, we took Libby to get her 2 year pictures taken. She didn't do as well as we had hoped, but we still managed to get a few cute shots. It's times like those, that Gary has to remind me, "She's Two!"
The Banet Family

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Tonight after her bath, Libby & I were discussing what she was going to do in Shena's wedding. I decided to tear up a napkin and place it in a basket so she could practice her little heart out. Lets just hope she does this well when the big day is here...right Shena??

May the 4th Be With You

This weekend we headed down to the camp for a long weekend. The Sengs & The Welch's joined us for a relaxing weekend. Kayla & Libby spent most of the weekend fighting over toys, food, golf carts...well, just about anything you can name. I guess the "only child" syndrome really showed though this weekend. Also, now Libby has so much more of a voice (she speaks pretty clearly when Kayla is doing something that she doesn't want her to do). This picture was so funny to me, because while I was taking their photo, they were both questioning who had more Cheetos.

Judging from this picture, I think Libby won.
Speaking of winning, Friday night after we ate the most delicious hot-wings of all times (hats off to Gary!) we decided to kick back and play some cards. Anyone that knows us, knows the name of the drinking game that we played for hours...but being a G-rated blog, I'll leave that part out.
We all love drunk Gary.
Don't they make such a cute couple? Jill and I spent the last part of the evening, polishing our New Kids on the Block dance moves...
but I chose not to publish those pictures...that's the beauty of being the author of this blog!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Saturday morning, we all had to get up early and get ready to have a couple come to look at the cabin. Kayla & Libby help sweep the kitchen floor.

After our potiential buyers left, we decided to go out on the lake. Libby had not napped for the entire day thus far, and was not the best 2-year-old on the boat. She did enjoy swimming with her daddy, though. The Sengs After the boat, it was time to head back to the cabin for some napping, relaxing, bathing and golf cart riding. It didn't take long before Sarah passed out in the hammock. Libby playing with her "Little People" (which is her favorite thing to play with!)
Check out those faces!!!

Ai-Ai Captain

This post goes out to you, Shawn! After we left our neighbor's house watching an amazing fireworks display, we headed back to the toasty fire that Sarah built (those Boy Scout meetings really paid off!). It didn't take long before we all decided that we were hungry again, and sent Gary back into the cabin to retrieve our requests (hot dogs, marshmallows, corn on the cob, cereal, etc).
You would have thought that Gary was a waiter in his former life, because he came back to the fire balancing all of our requests in his arms (and mouth). He sat down, and we all burst out laughing when we noticed that the Captain Crunch that he retrieved was in a bowl the size of...well, you can see for yourself! We all started razing him about it, so he was so determined to finish every last Crunch Berry! Shawn got his tape measure from the truck so we could obtain exact dimensions of this massive bowl.

Gary's only regret? He said he should have eaten it with a ladle, instead of this puny spoon that he used! And yes...he ate every bite!