Sunday, July 6, 2008

May the 4th Be With You

This weekend we headed down to the camp for a long weekend. The Sengs & The Welch's joined us for a relaxing weekend. Kayla & Libby spent most of the weekend fighting over toys, food, golf carts...well, just about anything you can name. I guess the "only child" syndrome really showed though this weekend. Also, now Libby has so much more of a voice (she speaks pretty clearly when Kayla is doing something that she doesn't want her to do). This picture was so funny to me, because while I was taking their photo, they were both questioning who had more Cheetos.

Judging from this picture, I think Libby won.
Speaking of winning, Friday night after we ate the most delicious hot-wings of all times (hats off to Gary!) we decided to kick back and play some cards. Anyone that knows us, knows the name of the drinking game that we played for hours...but being a G-rated blog, I'll leave that part out.
We all love drunk Gary.
Don't they make such a cute couple? Jill and I spent the last part of the evening, polishing our New Kids on the Block dance moves...
but I chose not to publish those pictures...that's the beauty of being the author of this blog!



You said the "D" word twice, you must consume!