Monday, January 28, 2008

The Afternoon With Mimi

Mimi (Gary's Mom) picked Libby up from Mema's today so she could spend some time with her. Libby is crazy about going to her Mimi & Poppa Ray's house. She has her own toy room and drags everything out of it! Here she is feeding her babies...Susie, Fluffy & Becky. Libby took a short nap before Keaton's ball game (which I hear she sat on Uncle Chris' lap the entire time!). After Keaton's game, it was time to make dinner. Libby has her own cabinet at Mimi's house with the dishes she can play with. Betsy says that she often will find bracelets and other hidden treasure in there that Libby saves for later.
Libby's cabinet opens from both sides. I love this "action shot" of Libby cheesing it up (notice there is a cup of bracelets to the right).
What is this??
Chilling with her Poppa Ray.
Ray is crazy about Libby. They fight with over the red blanket (as seen in the picture above) and he loves to pick on her. She always has such a fun time with them!

Care Bear Sofa

Betsy sent me this picture from a week or so ago of Libby sitting with her babies on her new Care Bear sofa that Mimi got her. Check out that smile!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Computer Wiz

After the boat show, Gary got out his computer to get some work finished. Libby thought she was hot stuff with her own laptop, too! How cute is this??

Little Miss Piggy

Like I mentioned earlier, I think Libby is going through a growth spurt! She wants to eat and eat. I loved this picture of her eating a granola bar (What? A kid eating a granola bar?) She looks so grown up with her little pose!

The Boat Show

As most of you know, Gary & I are in the market for a new boat...well a new-used-boat. We took this opportunity to look at all of the new boats that were on display at the boat show. Since JP and Jill are in the market for a new camper, they met us there to shop together. Libby liked all of the room this Bayliner had....but Mommy didn't like the price.
I am thinking that Libby must be going through a growing spurt, since all she wants to do it eat. Here she eats yet another snack!
Speaking of snacks, Kayla & Libby pause at the "just their size" lawn furniture for a break. They were sad to see that the plates & bowls were just for food, Libby!
Libby did not want to sit in her stroller and would do whatever she could to stay out of it. She and Kayla loved to walk around in the fancy campers. Here they were testing the bunk beds in this sweet ride.
Did someone say "Sweet Ride"? Check this thing out. It sure makes our golf cart look like a Hot Wheel! For those of you who are wondering, we did not buy a new boat, nor did the Sengs go home with a new camper. I think we are all looking for something a few years old with less of a price tag. It sure gave us all the bug, though!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Girl's Night

Saturday night Joni, Dena, Jill, Sarah, Shannon & I (well and Amy R. for a few seconds) went out for a much needed "girl's night". We went to dinner and then to bowl at Lucky Strike on 4th Street.

Shannon was putting a lot of thought into which ball she was going to use. She finally found the perfect one (the one with a lucky penny in it!)

Sarah was so serious as she tried to show off her Wii skills!

We were all about the "group photos" as you can tell from Jill's blog, too.

I was pretty convinced that Joni & Sarah would kick our butts with all of their recent practice on their WII's, but surprisingly, I won the first game....but came in last the second! Go figure!

Love those cheesy smiles!

I decided to help out the lady behind the desk as she sprayed down all of our shoes. She was very greatful! After my shoe-cleaning-duties were done, we headed off to The Pub for a few more cocktails and some juicy talk. Thanks, girls, I had a great time! We missed you, Amy C!

Swim Lessons Take Three

Practicing taking the plunge into the pool!
Playing with her mommy!
Blowing bubbles is sooo fun! She forgets to close her mouth the whole way, though. (For those of you who questioned how many bikinis she has---Yes, you, Sherry!---the answer is "Not as many as last year!!")

Thursday, January 24, 2008


How long does it take an unsupervised Libby to spill her entire can of Puffs? Answer... 12.2 Seconds! At least she offered to help pick them up!!
Until she decided that eating them might be faster than actually picking them up!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shhh...irly is 60!

As most of you know, I have been helping plan a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom who turned the big 6-0 last week. Derek and Libby wait next to the door for Nonna to pull in the driveway. Mom thought that she was going to Mark & Denise's house to practice for their Marti Gras party (the reason Mom is wearing Marti Gras Beads). When she walked in the door, we all started to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.
Libby was thrilled to see her Nonna & Pop. She had talked about Pop all week long!

After Mom made her rounds to the 49 people that were there, thanking them for coming, we sat down to a yummy dinner! Special thanks to Denise (of course), Lorraine, Grace and Jeanne for helping me with the food!! After we just sat down to eat, we heard someone say, "Is there some free Chicken here?", and Philip & Lucia walked around the corner to surprise us all! They had flown in from Baltimore for the night to wish Nonna a great birthday! Above is Nonna and her girls.

Nonna & Pop with Libby & Lucia.

Here she is with my uncles Mark & Eddie in their Marti Gras costumes. Don't ask!!!
Finally, I had to add this picture of Libby & Jeremy. He was so good with her and she loved to play Little People with him! What a sweetie!

Swiming at the Y...M...C...A....

Libby is really getting the hang of her swim lessons. She loves the water and is starting to kick her feet on command. It seems like last year's class had a lot more instructional activities, whereas this year we do a few things, and then let them swim around and play. Libby has already gone under several times and loves to jump off of the wall to me in the water.
She also loves to sit on the side and kick her feet in the water. Here, we take a few seconds out of our lesson to smile at Daddy taking a picture. Enjoying the heated pool!
At one point in every lesson, we lay the kiddos on a big floating fish and slowly spin it around singing "Twinkle, Twinkle". Even though this isn't a very good picture (the instructor's head is taking up most of it!) I think it is funny to see how serious her face is while we take our turn. She won't crack a smile!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Roll Call

Libby has started this thing which I just think is so funny! When she wakes up in the morning, she stands up in her crib and yells every name she can think of (I guess to come and get her). Momma? Dadda? Mema? Ally? Key-Key? Mimi? Pop? In this picture, she was so glad that I came in to get her, her smile looks like a cry!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Colts!

The Colts played their last game of the season today. Before the game started, I put on Libby's new Colts cheerleading outfit and had a flashback to last year. I just had to put her in the same place to get the same effect. Check this out:
Last year
This year.
How cute is that???

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A full Saturday night

This evening, we went to Carson's first game of the season. Libby is obsessed with her cousin, Keaton, and says his name ("Key-Key") constantly. Every time we watch a basketball or football game at our house (which is pretty often) she stands directly in front of the TV and points, saying "Key-Key?" Here, she sits next to her Uncle Chris (which Betsy swears she said this week) and Key-Key. She could not sit still and spent a big part of the game running around the track at the top with her daddy. We left with a few minutes left...but later found out that it was a barn burner and that we should have stuck around to see Carson's team win.
After dinner, we grabbed a quick bite of dinner at Los Indos, where we discovered Libby loves salsa! She is her Daddy's girl (not that there was any question!!)
Salsa is in the vegetable group, right?

As we were walking into Los Indos, JP, Jill & Kayla were leaving, so we decided to meet up at The Welsh's house. Libby & Kayla look so darn cute sitting at the bar together (something tells me this may not be their last time sitting at a bar together!!)

Gary & Justin box on the Wii.

Libby & Uncle Shawn compare bellies.

By this time in the night, we couldn't pry the Wii remote from Gary's hands!

Hanging with Shannon.