Friday, December 28, 2007

Cousin Party

As most of you know, I come from a large family---I'm one of 33 cousins to be exact. When my grandmother passed away several years ago, Philip and some of my cousins were playing Eucure and it was mentioned that we were not going to be able to get together as much anymore without her. It was then decided that the cousins (only the ones that have graduated from high school) would get together each year for a little fun competition...including games, brackets and of couse, the coveted "Hoehn Cup". Drawing numbers for one of the games. Some of the gang cheering!

Along with our usual games of Pool, Euchre and Golden Tee, we played "Guess Who". Here, Tyler (who I might add got a 4.0 his first semester at Purdue!!) wins the bracket for Guess Who (does anyone remember that game..."Are you wearing a hat?" "Do you have facial hair?") The Purdue Gang (Tyler, Shena & Scott) Philip giving us a "Thumbs Up" with his poor injured thumb (man, those Pampered Chef potato peelers are sharp!)Me and Tyler.

Shena & Matt's new girlfriend, Lindsay. What a sweetie (Lindsay, that is!)
My cousin Matt & I pose for a photo (note his "Hoehn Univeristy" T-Shirt!)
Long story short, Gary won the "Hoehn Cup" for the second year in a row!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Night Tea Time

After a brief nap, we went to my work to give the nurses on my units candy and "Merry Christmas" wishes and then headed off to Nonna & Pop's house for dinner. A quick Banet family photo in front of the tree.
Libby giving her Pop a Christmas kiss! How sweet?

Nonna got a tea set to keep at her house for the girls to play with. As most of you know, Libby loves to play "tea party" and will pour, drink and serve tea to just about anyone for hours. She loved to sit at the little table and serve everyone tea. One lump of sugar or two, Nonna?

Mmmm...Homemade noodles! Mark, Denise, Tyler (and his girlfriend) and Derek came over. By this time, Libby was wiped out...running simply on fumes (and sugar cookies). She pauses for a little shut-eye on Santa, I mean, Pop's lap (What do you think, JP? Do you think it was him at the mall??)

Christmas morning with the Stillers

Do you think that your child got the most annoying toy for Christmas? Lets have a moment of silence to be thankful that we have silence in our house right now!! The Stiller's Santa blessed them with an electric guitar (for Keaton) and a drum set (for Carson!). Can someone please pass the Tylenol??

Libby loved the drum set. Sorry, little can play on Carson's all you want...but don't even think about asking for your own!

By this time Christmas morning, Libby was really getting into opening presents. She was wound tight...can't you tell??

She got lots of great toys from her Mimi & Poppa Ray and the Stillers...The American Baby Doll (Bitty Baby), Magic Tea Set and the Cabbage Patch baby doll were her favorite...oh, yeah, she loved her fur lined leopard print clogs!What is it??

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was exactly how I had hoped that it would be. Libby slept until about 8:30 and was very excited to see that Santa had come to visit her. She went to the 4-wheeler right away and with Daddy's help, hopped on it! She instantly knew how to operate it and took off through the living room and into the wall...laughing all of the way!She loved her princess lawn chair and was already testing it out as she opened the rest of her presents from Santa.
I was so preoccupied with watching Christmas through Libby's eyes that I only took three pictures! Luckily, we had the video camera rolling the entire time.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa's Cookies

After we got home from Mimi & Poppa Ray's house, we got ready for bed and put out the milk and cookies for Santa.
Libby had to try one of the cookies to make sure that they were okay to serve to the big guy!Nothing beats a sugar cookie before going to bed!

Christmas Eve with the Lambs

After I worked Christmas eve, we went to Betsy's for dinner. Dana & Bill got Libby a super cute sweater! She was sort of sad that she didn't get a sleeping bag like the boys, but luckily they shared with her like good sports!
Again, no "real" nap. Libby tries to snuggle up with Mimi's super soft blanket...but is too excited to even close her eyes!
Catching some quality time with her big cousins & Aunt Carrie.
After a couple of failed attempts at a real nap, Libby decides to get up and open some more presents...lots of fun books from Nan!
Ever heard of a boxed lunch? Try desert in a box!

Christmas with Papa & Donna

Christmas began for Libby on the 23rd when we went to Mema's house for a yummy pancake breakfast and to exchange presents with Gary's Dad & Stepmother, Donna. They got her a very cute bear that sings (which she loves to dance to!). Mema got Libby $ for her college fund and Gary's step-brother and his wife got her a Mr. Potato Head and cute jammies. As you can tell, she was getting into unwrapping the presents!Staying up late and not getting a morning nap made her one sleepy girl! She decides to catch a few winks on Donna's lap.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Busy Weekend!

This weekend was jammed packed from the moment we got off of work on Friday. Friday evening we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate my new promotion. For those of you who do not know and who are thinking...."didn't you just get a promotion?"...I was just promoted to the Nurse Manager of 2 units at Norton's. Along with this comes more responsibility, but I am very glad to move up!
Saturday we took Libby to her first IU game in Bloomington. She did great and really seemed to enjoy it...especially the second half when she slept the whole time!
When we got back into town on Saturday night...we went to Gary's Aunt Cheryl's house for the Banet Christmas party. We had a great time and were there until super late. It was there that I left my camera and will not be able to pick it up until later in the week. Check back to this post to see photos (and video) of Libby's first Christmas Program at the Banets and her wearing her Cheerleader outfit at the game!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cookie Day with Nonna & Pop

For the past several years we have had "cookie making day" at Mom & Dad's house the week before Christmas. The goal is to have several helpers in the kitchen, and then when we are done, we all divide up the cookies to take home. Today Libby & I braved the yucky weather to spend the morning with Nonna & Pop to bake/decorate/eat cookies. Here Nonna lets Libby sample a cookie.
She is so funny...lately when she eats something she likes she exclaims, "Yummm!"
We had all of our Christmas favorites, Ribbons, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip with Reese centers, Holiday Wreaths, Apricot filled, Almond Flowers, Coconut Macaroons and Bacon & Eggs (really pretzel sticks with white chocolate bark with M&M's). Libby was the biggest help as we decorated over 100 sugar cookies. Here, Pop helps her with the sprinkles! Once Libby got the hang of the sprinkles she was unstoppable. She had sprinkles all over the place! And who can resist a little sample??
After all of our work was done and Libby was good and hopped up on sugar, she decided to disassemble some of Nonna's Christmas decorations....Man, they'll let that little girl get away with anything!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Visit with the "Big Man"

Today, Libby & I had to go to the mall to pick up a few Christmas gifts. While we were there, we saw Santa, so I decided to see what she would do if we let him hold her. I first walked up and let her watch all of the other boys & girls get their picture made with the big man. She was smiling, pointing and saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!" over and over. I thought to myself, "This isn't going to be so bad". Luckily, there was not line...we walked up, shook his hand and put her on his lap. She freaked out, screamed and her face turned as red as his suit. I tried everything...sat next to them, let her hold her trusty bear "Big Red" and even tried to convince her that it was her Pop. After what seemed like an eternity, she calmed down and let him hold her. As you can see from the photo, she was not thrilled, but she tolerated him. Funny thing is, as soon as we walked away, and put on her jacket to leave, she was waving at him and saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!" again. I guess she prefers him from a distance!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Santa....

...I do not need anything fancy this year for Christmas. You can keep the Barbie 4-wheeler and TJ Beary Tales. I don't want clothes or toys. All I want is an empty Pampers box to watch my cartoons from.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jill!

Saturday, Gary & I hosted a surprise birthday party for Jill at our house! The plan was to get her to come over so we could go out to eat. Once she arrived (and noticed Shawn's truck on the street), she came downstairs with a room full of her family & friends. I think she truly was surprised!Since we told Jill we were going to Bahama Breeze, she was a tiny bit disappointed to hear that we were going to have Arni's pizza, instead. We later found out Bahama Breeze much for our story! The kids all lined up in the hallway to eat their pizza. The Jewell triplets, Abby & Kayla joined Libby for the fun!
Yummy!!! Cake!!!
Ashlyn, Brooklyn & Carson join their mommy for some cake! Happy Birthday, Jill! We are so lucky to have you as a friend!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tea Time

For the last several years, Mom has hosted a table at the Ladies' Tea at Lincoln Hills Christian Church. This has grown to be such a huge event...which includes about 50 tables of 8, each individually decorated by the hostess. One table was prettier than the next! Mom outdid herself this year with a 'grape' theme, complete with beautiful green, purple & silver decor and even individual bunches of sugar covered grapes at each place setting! It was beautiful! Here, Libby and I enjoy the beautiful decorations for a little photo-op.

Aunt Denise & LibbyLibby tested out the rocking chair on stage after the program was over.

Thanks, Mom, for such a nice time. It wouldn't feel like Christmas without going to the Ladies' Tea! Libby looks like she just got busted playing with the bow from Mom's table!