Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Night Tea Time

After a brief nap, we went to my work to give the nurses on my units candy and "Merry Christmas" wishes and then headed off to Nonna & Pop's house for dinner. A quick Banet family photo in front of the tree.
Libby giving her Pop a Christmas kiss! How sweet?

Nonna got a tea set to keep at her house for the girls to play with. As most of you know, Libby loves to play "tea party" and will pour, drink and serve tea to just about anyone for hours. She loved to sit at the little table and serve everyone tea. One lump of sugar or two, Nonna?

Mmmm...Homemade noodles! Mark, Denise, Tyler (and his girlfriend) and Derek came over. By this time, Libby was wiped out...running simply on fumes (and sugar cookies). She pauses for a little shut-eye on Santa, I mean, Pop's lap (What do you think, JP? Do you think it was him at the mall??)


The Cissells said...

I love the picture of the fam. Libby looks so cute in her jumper.

The Cissells said...

Today I tried to play tea party with Sophia and her magic tea set. She picked up the tray and dumped everything on the floor. Not exactly the tea party I was hoping for. She thought it was great fun though. Maybe Libby can teach her how to really play tea party soon.