Friday, December 28, 2007

Cousin Party

As most of you know, I come from a large family---I'm one of 33 cousins to be exact. When my grandmother passed away several years ago, Philip and some of my cousins were playing Eucure and it was mentioned that we were not going to be able to get together as much anymore without her. It was then decided that the cousins (only the ones that have graduated from high school) would get together each year for a little fun competition...including games, brackets and of couse, the coveted "Hoehn Cup". Drawing numbers for one of the games. Some of the gang cheering!

Along with our usual games of Pool, Euchre and Golden Tee, we played "Guess Who". Here, Tyler (who I might add got a 4.0 his first semester at Purdue!!) wins the bracket for Guess Who (does anyone remember that game..."Are you wearing a hat?" "Do you have facial hair?") The Purdue Gang (Tyler, Shena & Scott) Philip giving us a "Thumbs Up" with his poor injured thumb (man, those Pampered Chef potato peelers are sharp!)Me and Tyler.

Shena & Matt's new girlfriend, Lindsay. What a sweetie (Lindsay, that is!)
My cousin Matt & I pose for a photo (note his "Hoehn Univeristy" T-Shirt!)
Long story short, Gary won the "Hoehn Cup" for the second year in a row!


Charlene said...

My husband and I are planning a cousins only party ourselves this March - first one ever - any advise you can provide or information you can share about how your party is structured, what games you play, do you ask everyone to bring a dish to pass? You get the idea... thanks in advance for your help!