Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kee-Kee Ball!

As you know, Libby sees a basketball game on TV and exclaims, "Kee-Kee Ball!". She loves to watch her big cousin, Keaton (or as she calls him..."Kee-Kee") and goes to as many ball games as she can to support him! Tonight was the final tournament game between Keaton's Greenville Tigers and Galena.
Gary discovered during the last game that a 25 cent purchase of a "Ring Pop" (which is a sucker that is on a 'ring') was quite worth it! We came prepared with a Ring Pop and Libby proved me wrong...she did love it.
As the game went on, it became late (almost 1 hour past Libby's bedtime) but she was still cheering on Kee-Kee with White Bear clinched in her arms. The Tigers ended up loosing by just 3 points...what a great game, though!!

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Since I had to have some dental work done today, I used that as an excuse not to cook dinner tonight! Gary and I took Libby to "The Jukebox", formerly known as "The Ranch House". Libby ate like a pig and then had to dance off some of those Hot Dog calories. Here, Gary & Libby pick a song to dance to.
I cannot remember what they picked, but Libby was getting down. Her "dance" style really consists of shaking her hiney (or "Hi-Hi" as she calls it) and stomping one foot. It's a hoot to watch.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Little Thin Mint

Yippie! It's that time of year again! Girl Scout Cookies have been ordered and are beginning to be distributed! Gary & I limited ourselves this year, but before we knew it, we had been asked by several people to buy cookies. Libby and Daddy share her first Thin Mint. Growing up, my mom put them in the freezer for a special treat! I think since Libby is getting another front tooth that it will be a perfect snack for her! Look at that smile!
Mmmm.....cookies and milk before bed!
Loving on Daddy!
What a cute pair! Notice Libby's mouth has the rest of the cookie stuffed in it! Yummy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Easter

Today, while Libby was taking a nap, I decided to get out all of our Easter decorations. I came across this small basket from last year that had a lot of plastic eggs in it. When I got Libby out of the bath, she saw them. Our conversation went something like this:
"Momma, Ball?"
"No, Honey...that is an egg....for the Easter Bunny to bring"
"Well, it looks sort of like a ball, but it is a plastic Easter egg to put in your basket"
"Honey, put the ball in your basket".

We played Hunt the Ball for quite a while. She had a blast! She'll be good and ready when Easter is here!

Snow Baby

I took Libby outside to play in the snow this afternoon. She looked like a Purple Monster with her little snow suit on! She walked around for a while and was really curious about the "no". Most of you know how Libby is about food/dirt on her hands...she wants to wipe it off right away. When she took her mittens off and touched it when started to whine and wipe it on her pants.
You'll notice that her mittens do not match. These were the only ones that I could find. She didn't seem to mind...she was too interested in walking in the snow.
I thought it would be a great idea to get her 4-Wheeler out. It ran well on most of the driveway, but would not make it up the slick/wet hill. It was so funny watching her try to climb on and off of it with her huge snow suit on!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lilly's Birthday Party

After our busy morning running errands, we went to Mark & Dena's for Lilly's 3rd Birthday party. Last year it was a princess theme and this year it was themed, "Tinkerbell". After dinner, the kids headed to the newly finished basement to play dress up. Kayla and the "Birthday Girl" show off their style. After the candy fell out of the Tinkerbell pinatta, the kids couldn't wait to dig in.
Lilly waits with the triplets for the cake.
Libby dug into the cake and ice cream. Yummy.
Shannon shows us how to sing Hanna Montana style.
TJ steals a litte kiss from his girlfriend. I love this picture!!!
Trying out the goofy glasses was a lot of fun!
TJ and Libby watch some Barney before bed.
As the night came to a close, Lilly went around checking everyone's temperature. Luckily, I think it is not the's just all of the junk we ate!!

Bye-Bye Baby Mullet

Just as promised, we took Libby to get her hair cut this morning at Mimi's shop. She does is not a big fan of the cape that Mimi makes her wear, but never the less, did great today!
You may recall from earlier posts, the way we get Libby's hair cut is pretty unique. Mimi has her own beauty shop, and when it's time for a hair cut, Mimi gets the Fisher Price Beauty Chair toy out, sits Libby on it and then we sit on the floor with her. It may not be as fancy as those high dollar places that are just for kids, but it works great and Libby loves it!
After the hair cut, we went to Logan's for lunch (and to use a gift card that we got for Christmas!). We had to take back some shoes at the mall and get Lilly a birthday present for her party this afternoon. Libby awaits her mashed potatoes by playing with her Little People. Don't leave home without 'em!
At the Children's Pace, we got Libby another pair of sun glasses. I have no idea where all of her other ones went. She was sporting her new glasses on our way back to the Jeep.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Office Max

One of my favorite things about Libby's pretend play is watching her mimic me and Gary. She has a mini-kitchen in our kitchen that she "cooks" on while I make dinner. Tonight, while Gary worked on his laptop, she got hers out, turned on (which is a task in itself) and pulled up a "chair" so she could work on her computer....just like her Daddy. There's that "CHEESE" smile again. Where did she get that?? (And yes, the hair appointment is tomorrow, so bye-bye baby mullet).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Day with Daddy

Today around lunch time, Gary called and suggested that one of us took the rest of the day off to get Libby home. After my car accident last week with Libby in the car, I am a little scared to think about having her with me during bad weather. Since we all know that hospitals don't close early (and the managers were on a "freeze" and not allowed to leave) and Gary's boss had to leave to get his little girl, he got voted as the parent to get Libby. He said that they had a blast! Here she looks like she is in hog heaven sitting in Daddy's Lazy-Boy, eating popcorn and drinking juice.You may recall from previous blog entries that Gary & I love Little People. We have an entire town for Libby to play with! Gary loves to quiz Libby, "Which one is the Lion?" Here they are playing with the school house.
Libby didn't want to leave Killians out. She was sharing her Pirate with him.
Hey Libby, what does a pirate say?? Arrrr.....
Mommy gets into the Little People playing. I love this picture because it shows Killians in his favorite spot. He sits with his head on the coffee table most of the time when we are in the living room. This way he can see what is going on.
Gary's attempt at looking up his nose.
We didn't leave Tucker out of our play session. Libby was laughing so hard in this picture (we were "fake" jumping on Tucker) that she has tears in her eyes! Too bad I was not able to have play day all day with Libby & Gary, but a few hours before bedtime was nice.
By the way, I know that Libby needs a haircut! I hope we can get one this weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Splish, Splash she is taking a bath!

After visiting Joni's newly updated blog, I was inspired to snap a few pictures at our bathtime. Libby loves her bath! As soon as she hears the water start to run, she begins to strip and run to her "Baaah, Baaah" (Libby for "Bath, Bath"). Here she is reminded to take off her braceletts before she can jump in.
Taking a second to rinse her hair. We learned in swim lessons to sing the "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and when "....down came the rain" in sung, we pour the water over her head. She thinks it's big fun!
Another swim lesson song...."This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face...." You get the idea!
Love those crazy hair pictures!

My wet little bunny begging for the camera now that she is out of the tub!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back Seat Singer

On the way home from Nonna & Pop's house, Libby was busy singing up a storm. Gary & I even had to turn off the radio...who needs tunes with this? I thought it was so cute that she had her bear wave "bye-bye". Also, you will hear us ask her what Aunt Carrie says. She answers, "Blah, Blah, Blah"...which is a little trick that her Uncle Chris taught her. Boy, she's a keeper!

Game Night

When you see the title of this entry is “Game Night” and you glance down to see that the first pictures is of some of my aunts and uncles sitting around my parent’s table, I am sure you’re first thought is something along the lines of Euchre, Yahtzee, or even Bunko. When I say “Game Night” it is more in the literal since…A Squirrel Fry.
Gary & I went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner tonight. My aunts & uncles Ed & Rowena, Jeanne & Jim (well, sort of uncle), Mark & Denise and cousin Derek joined us to eat Mark's catch of Squirrel. Luckily, Mom also made yummy chicken for those of us who passed on the game. Above, Denise, Libby & White Bear pose for a photo (pull your shirt down, Libby!)
Pop & Libby take a moment to look at last night's blog entry. (That belly is showing again!) While the adults were finishing up dinner, Libby was having fun enteratining herself. She would go to Dolly's food dish (my parent's cat) and pick up a few pieces of food..........
........Then she would run into the living room where Dolly was sleeping on a blanket and feed her the food. You will note that she had already given Dolly her Valentine's Dog for her to sleep with (Nonna, I think we left that over there!)
We had to head out before desert. They were crowded around Dad's computer watching the video of their Marti Gras dinner routine. Thanks for dinner, Mom & Dad!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rocky's Going Away Party

My cousin Ashley's husband, Daniel (Rocky) is going to Iraq next week. We got together with his family and ours at "Checks"...a local bar/resturant that is Rocky's family's hang out.
Ashley and Libby having a little chat. Ashley and Rocky just found out that they will be having a girl August 6th while Rocky is away. I cannot image what it would be like going through all of that without my husband, but she has proved to be a really strong gal!
Was there a "Wear Brown" memo that went out? Libby, Nonna & I got it! Three generations!
I had a better picture of Pop and Libby, but I just thought this one was funny! Libby was sitting on Dad's lap posing for a picture. Just when she was sure he was looking at the camera and not at his plate...she swiped a few baked beans. Libby was quite a ham...even so far past her bedtime! Nonna took off her earrings (they are not posts) and clipped them to Libby's ear. She thought it was so funny!
This little jealous thing was minding her own business until she saw her Pop and Gracie dancing from across the room. She took off running, through the crowd and to the dance floor! They had to let her cut in!
I didn't get a good picture of Rocky, Ashley and Libby together. You can tell from the only one that I did get that we are all sad (just look at Libby's face) to see Daniel go. Good luck and please be safe!