Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rocky's Going Away Party

My cousin Ashley's husband, Daniel (Rocky) is going to Iraq next week. We got together with his family and ours at "Checks"...a local bar/resturant that is Rocky's family's hang out.
Ashley and Libby having a little chat. Ashley and Rocky just found out that they will be having a girl August 6th while Rocky is away. I cannot image what it would be like going through all of that without my husband, but she has proved to be a really strong gal!
Was there a "Wear Brown" memo that went out? Libby, Nonna & I got it! Three generations!
I had a better picture of Pop and Libby, but I just thought this one was funny! Libby was sitting on Dad's lap posing for a picture. Just when she was sure he was looking at the camera and not at his plate...she swiped a few baked beans. Libby was quite a ham...even so far past her bedtime! Nonna took off her earrings (they are not posts) and clipped them to Libby's ear. She thought it was so funny!
This little jealous thing was minding her own business until she saw her Pop and Gracie dancing from across the room. She took off running, through the crowd and to the dance floor! They had to let her cut in!
I didn't get a good picture of Rocky, Ashley and Libby together. You can tell from the only one that I did get that we are all sad (just look at Libby's face) to see Daniel go. Good luck and please be safe!