Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boys & Their Toys

After a lot of discussion, we decided to sell Gary's 4-wheeler and get a golf cart for the lake. Chris & Carrie have one, and it is always nice to take a ride in the evening. We got the most basic one we could find, so we can paint it and fix it up the way we want. Stay tuned! Gary and Libby get ready for their first ride in the new golf cart.

Libby did a great job driving. Check out her new Crocs, complements of Amy!

Testing out the rack in the back.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we went down the cabin for Memorial Day. JP & Jill (and Kayla), Amy & Cory (and Sophia) and John & Amy came down to spend the weekend with us. When we got there, Libby & Sophia sat on the golf cart, waiting for their turn to drive. From what we understand, they probably wouldn't have been the worse drivers there!

After everyone arrived, we headed out on the boat. I forgot my camera, so missed a lot of great photo ops for the day. We came back to the cabin, ate dinner and put the girls down for the night so Cory could 'get his drink on'. Here, JP enjoys Cory's conversation. He was so darn funny, that JP nick-named him Chuckles (well...he also called him Marty, Calvin and Corkey that night!).

JP prepares for a shot.

John couldn't be shown up by the "younger" crowd, and took a shot, too.

Cory had so many awesome one-liners that I literally had to get a notebook and start writing them down. Unfortunately, what happens at the lake, stays at the lake, so you should have been there. Let's just say that the above photo shows Cory "32 ounces from sober".

The next morning, the girls looked a lot better than we did!

After 1/2 of our company headed home, Gary & I and Amy & Cory went out on the lake. Libby was so grumpy. It was more than likely a combination of teething, hating the life jacket (it's so bulky that she cannot suck her thumb!) and being afraid she was going to miss something.

Sophia loved the boat (and didn't seem to mind the life jacket). She fell asleep as soon as the wind started to blow in her hair!

Libby & Gary try to cool off (well, the water was a little too cold)!

Back at the dock---thank goodness we can take these life jackets off!!
Thanks to everyone for coming! We had a great time!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Killians' new Du

We have had several groomers say not so shave Siberian Huskys because of their special thick coats, but after almost 8 summers of fighting with Killians' hair shedding during the hot months, we decided to breakdown and get him shaved. Now that Libby is crawling ever where, I cannot keep the carpet vacuumed enough for all of his shedding hair. He looks so funny and skinny (his collar won't even fit him, now) but I am sure that he'll be so much cooler this summer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bathing Beauties

As most of you know, Libby is not lacking in the "bathing suit" department. She has accumulated so many cute suits for the upcoming bathing suit season. I couldn't, however, pass these suits up at the Dollar Tree for a buck each. How cute!! Amy & I later decided the reason Libby's is so low-cut is because I had it on backwards.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Huber's Petting Zoo

It was such a perfect day that we decided to take Libby and Carson to Huber's petting zoo. Carson took Libby on a tractor ride.

Cousin Carson, the cow.

Feeding the alpacas

Carson & Gary took turns going down the "Mountain Slide"

Libby pointed at all of the animals. She just about jumped out of her stroller to touch some of them! We had such a nice time...what a way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

First Taste of Berry Twist

It was such a beautiful day, that Gary suggested that we eat lunch at Berry Twist. So, I dug around in the "Libby archives" and found a photo of her first trip to Berry Twist (8/24/2006) and compared it to this year's trip. Wow, what a difference a year makes! Funny how Gary has not changed a bit...he even wearing the same outfit...and Libby has grown up so much!

Libby waiting for her Tacos

Libby's first taste of Blueberry Ice Cream! Yummy!

We all scream for Ice Cream!

The Pampered Chef

One of Libby's favorite toys in her playroom is the kitchen set that was given to her by Shannon & Emma. It is just her size and she almost instantly goes to it as soon as she is in the playroom. She loves to push the buttons and open and close the oven and fridge doors.

Because of her love for play kitchens, was in search of a bigger one for down the road...and I found this one at a yard sale this weekend for just $10. What a cute addition to her playroom. Thanks, Amy, for letting us have this one. She just loves it!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Impromptu Cook-out

After the guys spent all day watching a friend "Mud-Bog" (how redneck is that??) they decided that we were going to go over to Shannon & Kevin's for a cook-out. Poor Shannon didn't know that she was hosting an impromptu cook-out until guests started to show up, but was an awesome host! Here the 10 month olds pose for a quick picture. It is so amazing how, even being just weeks apart, how differently they all are developing. (It is hard not compare kids, especially when they are so close in age).

While the grown ups got dinner ready in the big kitchen, the girls fixed pizza, toast and tea in Allie's kitchen.

After dinner, the guys headed outside to loose money playing Texas Hold-'Em.

Shannon set up Allie's jumper on the driveway, and the kids jumped in the ball-pit for a while....well, until all of the cars/motorized toys/tricycles/golf carts that Allie owns turned the driveway into a demolition derby of sorts (now who's redneck?)
Here's Sophia on Allie's Dora four-wheel Power wheel. She loved it when her mommy would let her go fast!

Libby is more like her Daddy and enjoyed Allie's BMW! Look out Daddy!
We all had a great time getting together, as always, and thanks to the Mains for having us!
It was after 11pm by the time we left and Libby was still going strong. Chris & Carrie were having a party...and when we drove by we saw cars still in the driveway, so we stopped by for a drink and a few laughs. Libby loves playing with Landon!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Practice does not make Perfect!

Tonight was our first co-ed softball game. It didn't' start until 9:30, so Libby spent the night at Mimi's house, so we could go. I snapped a few pictures of our favorite cheerleader before we dropped her off.

Gary (our Short-Stop & First baseman) and Libby

Me (our third baseman) and Libby

The back of Libby's cute shirt! The smallest it came was 2T, so it was a bit big on her, but she looked cute, anyway! She'll fit into it better by the end of the season!

Okay, what you all have been waiting for...a run down of the game highlights. I wasn't able to take may photos, since I was either fielding or batting, but here is us before the game started. It was so cold outside and our poor fingers would sting when the ball hit our glove.
When we arrived, we all were pretty nervous, since other than our few practices, we hadn't played competitive softball in quite some time. A group of athletic men and tiny tan women wearing orange shirts sat down on the bleachers beside us. It wasn't long before we decided that they were our competitor!
Long story short, we had a few bad innings, with butterflies in our bellies. The other team had some power-hitting girls and some guys that could knock it, despite having to hit left-handed. Overall, the final score was 16-8, them, but we had a really good time. There are without a doubt some kinks that need ironed out before we play next Friday, but overall, we were happy with our performance. We'll keep you posted!

First Softball Game tonight!

Tonight is our first co-ed softball game. For those of you who do not know, we are sponsored by a construction company, and a back hoe company, hence our name. Stay tuned for complete highlights of our game tonight at Anderson Park!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Elly the Elephant

Okay, so I am totally stealing this blogging idea from my dear friend, Amy and her recent entry about Sophia & her favorite bear, Eden. Anyway, here is a picture of Libby & her favorite night-time buddy, Elly the Elephant. She loves to hug on him and suck her thumb! She is cutting her top two teeth. I can barely see both of them peering through. We'll keep you posted!
Maybe I am a little bias, but I think that this is the cutest thing, ever! Doesn't her hair look so red in this picture?!


Gary & Libby got me a new camera for Mother's Day. I love my old one, but it is big and heavy and often wish that I had my camera to snap a few pictures when I am out and about (for the blog!). My new one is little and can fit in my purse or diaper bag so I won't miss any more photo opportunities. Last night when we were getting Libby ready for bed, I decided to snap a few shots with my new camera. Could this child look any more like her daddy??

Time for a bottle.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My first Mother's Day

Philip, Amanda & Lucia came into town for the weekend. I cannot get over how much Lucia has changed since her last visit at Christmas. She has such a huge vocabulary and is so grown up! Here, Libby poses with her cousin in their matching skirts.

Before dinner, we took the girls to the park for a little fun in the sun while their daddies were playing golf. Here they are getting ready to go down the slide.

Pop & his little girl, Libby. Pop retires in 9 days and will be moving home. Yippie!

Libby & I trying out the swing.

The girls swinging together. We had a great time as always when Philip & Amanda are in town! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gary's 30th Birthday Party

Gary will celebrate his 30th Birthday this Thursday, so in celebration, we had a party at our house. Here Jill & the Birthday boy pose for a photo. This is the shirt that you probably don't want to see your lawyer wearing, though.

Gary's brother, Chris, was the best bartender!

JP handing out Tequila shots!

Yummy Jello Shots

Carrie & Angie

Lucia & Pop

Gary's Uncle Dave samples the chocolate fountain

Libby & her cousin, Allie. They both go to Mema's during the day and have become so close that Allie refers to Libby as her baby sister! Aren't they sweet!?

The kiddos loved Libby's new playroom! I have never seen so many kids in one playroom before! Thanks to everyone for coming. From what I remember, we all had a good time (okay, so I might have had a little too much fun!). As always, it was great to get together!