Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gary's 30th Birthday Party

Gary will celebrate his 30th Birthday this Thursday, so in celebration, we had a party at our house. Here Jill & the Birthday boy pose for a photo. This is the shirt that you probably don't want to see your lawyer wearing, though.

Gary's brother, Chris, was the best bartender!

JP handing out Tequila shots!

Yummy Jello Shots

Carrie & Angie

Lucia & Pop

Gary's Uncle Dave samples the chocolate fountain

Libby & her cousin, Allie. They both go to Mema's during the day and have become so close that Allie refers to Libby as her baby sister! Aren't they sweet!?

The kiddos loved Libby's new playroom! I have never seen so many kids in one playroom before! Thanks to everyone for coming. From what I remember, we all had a good time (okay, so I might have had a little too much fun!). As always, it was great to get together!



We had a great time, but next time can we not do it the day before Mother's Day and dreaded softball practice?

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