Friday, August 31, 2007

Worldfest on the Waterfront

Today, Libby & I met Gary downtown for lunch at the Annual Louisville World fest on the Waterfront. I didn't know anything like this existed, and it was really quite amazing. The waterfront was transformed with all sorts of booths representing different parts of the world.
Libby poses with all of the flags of the countries of the world.Libby loved her new "authentic" maraca that her daddy got her. She was shaking it to the music. Where else can you enjoy Greek Gyros and authentic Italian Gelato at one place? Yummy!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A hot day on the Mount!

Mt. St. Francis had their annual picnic today, and we went early in the afternoon to enjoy their famous chicken dinner! What day on the Mount would be complete without a few stops at the booths? Here Aunt Carrie, Gary & Mimi help Libby decide what number to put her dime on for a baby doll (like this girl needs more toys!)
Unfortunately, there were no winners, with with visions of air conditioners and naps dancing in our heads, we headed home. We were glad that we got to see a lot of people and make our annual donation to the Mount. We plan on going back later tonight to visit the beer garden!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I scream, you scream....

We all scream for ice cream! Libby loves her new "baby cones" that Mimi got for her. She went to town on her vanilla frozen yogurt!
For once, she didn't even share with Killians!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Conehead Doggy

Who can forget the Saturday Night Live sketch"Coneheads" in the 90's with Dan Aykroyd? Tonight, we have our own little addition to the Conehead family. Saturday night Gary noticed that Tucker's ear was very swollen and when it had not improved by Monday night, we got worried and took him to the vet. They told us that he had a large hematoma that more than likely developed when he scratched his ear. They recommended (of course!) surgery. He pulled through without any problems and just looks so darn pitiful with his shaved ear and cone! He was just getting over feeling so humiliated after his new shaved haircut, but add this to him, and he may never recover!
While Tucker was at the vet all day, Killians was sad and moping around the house. After Libby finished her chicken and corn for lunch, she tried to cheer him up with a little snack (what a great sharer!) Those of you who aren't dog lovers (you know who you are!) are probably gagging at the site of Killians eating off of Libby's spoon, but rest assured, we put it in the dishwasher as soon as the photo was taken!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tee Time

Since our Softball season has come to a close, we decided that we might try to focus on another It was agreed that it was going to be laid back and for fun...and that it was! We played 9 holes at Valley View...and Shannon, the golf pro, kicked our butts! Above, Shannon has her own caddy, Justin.
Sarah gets ready to take a shot. (A side note, my camera makes a load click when I take a picture, so I got a nice long 'chat' from Gary about the etiquette of golf while we drove to find our balls! I'll never do that again!! Sorry if I messed you up, Sarah!) Shawn & Sarah counting up their strokes. Sarah did awesome, especially considering it is only the 2nd time she had ever played!
I'm getting ready for a shot.
We all had a good time...even considering it was hot!! Thanks, guys for being so patient with me! I'm already looking forward to next week.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

All American Pig Roast

Saturday morning, after Gary got finished hunting with his dad, we went down to the lake for a short visit. Betsy's friend, Linda came down and we spent the afternoon relaxing (for once!).

Later that night, we went to another one of Betsy's friend's for a pig roast. This was like no "Pig Roast" that I have ever been to before. Gary & I joked that the people there were "All American". You know, Red, White & Blue....Red Neck, White Trash and Blue Haired! Let's just say, Libby had more teeth than some of the adults! Anyhow, there was lots of food...Pig, Lamb, Deer and Bargoo were all on the menu (Bargoo is some stew stuff with all sorts of animal...maybe even a little road kill). All in all, it was a fun time and the food was great! Libby trying to get her glasses "just right" before the party.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Night Fun

What better way to end a work week by spending the evening with friends, beer and pizza? JP, Jill, Kayla, Goober and Shawn came over Friday and hung out. The kids played in the toy room, rode on the car and Libby took pointers on walking from Kayla. Libby is so close, walking about 10-15 steps at a time. I contribute this to Coen (the little boy that goes to Mema's with her) and to spending the day with Kayla this week. She wants to keep up with her!!!

If you look at Jill's blog, you'll see a photo of Kayla & Libby fighting over the car. Luckily, they later compromised and took turns pushing each other on it!

Libby practices her walking to Daddy on his pool table.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Play Date

Today, Kayla came over for a short visit while Jill was at the doctor. She and Libby played in the playroom and played so well together!
They made some great music...
Played grocery....

Kayla wanted to hold Libby. This was so funny to me since they are almost the same weight, but Libby agreed. Thanks, Jill for bringing Kayla over. She is welcome anytime!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Lunch Bunch

Photobucket Album
Libby has just started to feed herself from a fork. The dogs have always sat right next to her when she eats...waiting for scraps to drop. Lucky them that she does not have the fork thing mastered, yet. We got Tucker shaved for the summer. The video turned out sort of dark, but you still can see him.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A "free" weekend get-away

A few weeks ago, when Gary & I attended the "Greenebaum Prom" (Gary's firm's 'Summer Gala') we won tickets for 4 to a Cincinnati Reds game, dinner and a hotel room. As luck would have it, the week prior to us going, Norton Hospital was hosting a blood drive and those who gave blood also earned a free ticket to King's Island. Amy and Maureen were great enough to donate their blood and then pass over their tickets to me. With a total of 3 (and a $20 off coupon "book" from JP's mom), we were all able to enter the park for just $25.
The great thing about the park was that we didn't feel like we were out much money, and didn't feel like we had to spend the whole day there. So after a short lived trip to the Gap outlet, we headed off. We had a great time riding the rides like the "Beast" (pictured above) and many water rides to keep us cool. We were so soaked by the end of the day that our toes were shriveled in our soppy shoes. What a fun had been years since we had gone!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Night on the town

Prior to going to dinner to our restaurant (complements of Greenbaum) we stopped off for a few drinks (no, not us!). Here JP & Jill pose while waiting for our new friend/waiter to deliver us our drinks.
Here we but enjoying the company on the patio.

Dinner at Mike Fink's was delicious! We had another entertaining waiter (or maybe it was just us!)Waiting for our table.The boat was pretty and historical looking....I was kind of disappointed that it stayed docked the entire time, but still...we couldn't say enough about the food! JP & Gary pose with "Rusty Bear".Toe-y shoes (sorry, inside joke)

Gary and JP after a few drinks (No, JP isn't sleeping).

Jill and I after a few more!

Take me out to the ballgame!

Along with our weekend package, we got tickets to the Red's game. They were great seats, in the shade and we stayed until about the 6th inning, before we headed home to see our little girls (we were missing them so badly!). I'd like to think that Libby & Kayla were missing us, too.
Where's Waldo?
Photo Op

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arrr, me maties, Carson is 6!

Tonight we went to Chris & Carries for a Pirate themed 6th Birthday party for Carson! I cannot even believe that he is 6 already!! Here, the pirates (and winches) pose for a quick photo before the "treasure hunt".
Libby's Daddy even got in on the action, and helped the little kids try to find the treasure! He looks just like Johny Depp with those dreads!
Carson had an amazing pirate ship cake...but with the 101' weather, today, it slid apart on the ride home. We joked and called it a "ship wreck".

It didn't take Libby long to make her way to the cake and ice cream. Auntie B (Carrie's sister, Brittany) helped her chow down.What would a boy's 6th birthday be without a pinata? Carson got ready to take the first whack! After the candy fell, the kids all had a great time playing in the pirate sprinklers in the yard. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Purdue Bound

Today, we went to the farm for a picnic before Tyler heads off to college. It was such a hot day, but we enjoyed fish (caught by my uncles), homemade potato chips and fried okra (my complements to the chef, Daddy!) and some yummy desserts. We didn't stay too long since it was so darn hot, but it was nice to get together for a quick visit. Libby got to hug on Tyler for a little while and even had a quick dip in the creek (thanks to Uncle Mark!!) She is dressed in a Purdue shirt that I just about didn't get her out of the house wearing (we'll just say that Gary wasn't thrilled with the idea of us even owning something that said "Purdue" on it). Good luck at Purdue, Tyler. We love you and are proud of you!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Banet Baptism

Saturday, two of Libby's cousins got baptised at St. Mary's of the Knobs...our home parish. Here Libby is with her Papa Moe and her new puppy backpack.
Gary's cousin, Josh with Libby. Josh & Clare's little boy, Will got baptised along with Angie & Kevin's (Gary's sister & Brother-in-law) little boy, Blane.Libby was pretty good during the baptism...thanks to the makers of Gerber Wheels!
One of the fun things about having a big family is knowing that the kids are going to be close--since they are so close in age. Libby looks so huge next to her little cousins, Blane & Will.