Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Night Fun

What better way to end a work week by spending the evening with friends, beer and pizza? JP, Jill, Kayla, Goober and Shawn came over Friday and hung out. The kids played in the toy room, rode on the car and Libby took pointers on walking from Kayla. Libby is so close, walking about 10-15 steps at a time. I contribute this to Coen (the little boy that goes to Mema's with her) and to spending the day with Kayla this week. She wants to keep up with her!!!

If you look at Jill's blog, you'll see a photo of Kayla & Libby fighting over the car. Luckily, they later compromised and took turns pushing each other on it!

Libby practices her walking to Daddy on his pool table.