Saturday, August 18, 2007

All American Pig Roast

Saturday morning, after Gary got finished hunting with his dad, we went down to the lake for a short visit. Betsy's friend, Linda came down and we spent the afternoon relaxing (for once!).

Later that night, we went to another one of Betsy's friend's for a pig roast. This was like no "Pig Roast" that I have ever been to before. Gary & I joked that the people there were "All American". You know, Red, White & Blue....Red Neck, White Trash and Blue Haired! Let's just say, Libby had more teeth than some of the adults! Anyhow, there was lots of food...Pig, Lamb, Deer and Bargoo were all on the menu (Bargoo is some stew stuff with all sorts of animal...maybe even a little road kill). All in all, it was a fun time and the food was great! Libby trying to get her glasses "just right" before the party.


Shannon said...

The glasses are too cute!