Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Great Plate Date

For part of Libby's birthday present, Amy, Cory & Sophia got Libby a gift certificate to paint her own plate at Louisville Stoneware. We decided to take the girls there today to commemorate their recent 1st Birthdays. Here, Libby & Sophia get ready to get started!

I never imaged how hard it would be to have Libby hold her hand still to stamp it on the plate. Sophia did it like a champ!

After we got the first hand done, Libby wouldn't hold her second one still enough for a second print. After 4 tries (thankfully the lady helping us was nice) we opted for one hand and one foot. It did turn out so cute! Libby sampled some of the paint. Yummy!

Here Libby & I paint her name and date on the plate. It was so much fun! It was about a billion degrees in the paint shop, so we found a nice cool spot next to a huge fan (note my crazy hair blowing everywhere!)

Sophia helping her mommy paint on her plate.

The finished product!

Our finished plate (the color looks really light on the photos, but it should darken up when it's fired). Ours had dragonfly's on it to match Libby's room! Thanks, Cissells, for such a unique birthday present!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A quick trip to the lake

We had a very short weekend at the lake...leaving Saturday morning, and returning Sunday morning. We were able to work in a boat ride and few golf cart rides, though. Here Libby poses with her big cousins & Uncle Chris at Peter Cave where we stopped for Ice cream & nachos. We had a relaxing weekend, however short it seemed.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Celebrating a "Perfect" Season

Since the first (and probably last) game of the tournament was rained out, and our team all had babysitters, we decided to go out to celebrate our "perfect" season (only losses!), Michelle's Birthday and my job promotion. We began the evening at Tran for a delicious and entertaining dinner. We felt so sorry for the couple on a date that was forced to sit at our table. They hardly said a word, taking it all in, I am sure. Here, Shawn & Gary pose with our chef, Lloyd.
Gary demonstrating what might have been the best catch of the season! A ball of rice caught in his mouth. We all got a turn (poor Jill had rice down her shirt!)
JP, Jill, Gary & I got these yummy drinks in "collector" cups. Don't they look funny lined up with the other Beer? Eight bucks a pop, and we all just settled on one.
JP & Michelle mimic the Budda with the straw sticking out of it's belly. (Oh, if we could have only heard what our table-mates Damon & Rachelle were thinking at this point!)
After a lot of egg tossing/silverware banging/flame throwing by Lloyd, we finished our super yummy dinner. Chad decided that he could work at Tran if he wanted to. Here he tosses salt & pepper shaker behind his back. After we left Tran, we headed to the new Jazz club "The Speakeasy" downtown New Albany. Let's just say, it was not our crowd, so we walked down to a friendlier bar, "The Hitching Post". After a few drinks, and a Jello shot or two, we went to another classy establishment to wind up the evening. For the sake of our reputations, I won't disclose anymore information....but we all had a great time...National Geographic models and all!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Today, Libby went for her 1 year check up with Dr. Norton. She weighs 19.15 pounds and is 30 inches long...which puts her in the 45th percentile on weight and the 75th in height. Here she reads a Dora book while waiting for John to see her.
John made me feel so much better about a few things that I was worried about (her feet turned out when she walks and her current hunger strike to name a few). He was impressed with how many words she knew and was not a bit worried that she was not walking, yet. He said that she was developing well and that we could feed her whatever we wanted, now (he gave us the green light for peanut butter, eggs and honey).
For the first time since she was born, Beth (a long time friend of mine) would not give Libby her shots or draw her blood today. She said that Libby was getting old enough to remember her and associate pain with her. I think that she just didn't want to hear her cry! Libby did well with the shots and blood draw, and settled down just a few minutes after it was all over. Dr. Norton's office moved into a new building (for the first time in 20 years) and it looked so new and pretty! We are so lucky to have John (my long time friend, Christie's Dad) and Beth who both take so much time and have so much genuine concern for Libby!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's my party...I can eat cake if I want to!

We had a birthday party today for our "immediate" family...which consisted of about 40 people. As usual, we had a family friend, Mitzi do Libby's birthday cake and made her a separate one to "dig" into. It was delish! Dad smoked pork for dinner which was out of this world! Thanks to Nonna, Pop, Mimi & Mema who made the dinner! After dinner, we decided to strip Libby from her dress and sing "Happy Birthday". I have to admit, that all the times that I pictured this event taking place, I had pictured her wearing a birthday hat, but she didn't want anything to do with it tonight! She didn't mind people singing to her (which was a relief to me) and afterwards, we let her dig in!

And "dig in" is just what she did!

WAY in! My mom and Gracie cut the other cake for the adults ("Do you like my party hat? No, I do not like your party hat, Good-bye"~sorry~inside joke that only my Mom, Dad & brother will get.) On our way to the bath tub, we stopped for a quick photo. The tub was gross...it had pieces of icing and cake floating in it! She was a mess!!

"Zaaaat?"...which translates from Libby Lingo to "What's that?

Libby got tons of great birthday presents...books, clothes, toys, money for her college fund and gift cards. Gary and I started a tradition with her...we bought her 3 pearls on a chain...and each year we will add 3 more to it, until she gets the full strand of pearls.

Philip & Tyler begrudgingly try on their party hats. Thanks, Tyler...it looks cute!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Philip, Amanda & Lucia were in town for the weekend. Since we do not get to see them too often, we make every effort to turn each visit into a "photo-op". This is one of my favorite shots of Libby & her big cousin.
Here, Libby & Lucia pose with their Nonna & Pop.
How sweet! Libby is crazy about her Nonna & Pop. She practically jumps out of my arms when she sees Nonna...and she laughs and wants to kiss and kiss on Pop....now if we can just teach her how to kiss with her mouth closed!!

Aloha, Birthday Girls!

Saturday, Amy & I had a small Luau for the girl's first birthday. Here, Libby & Gary work on a puzzle before the guests arrive.Aloha! Amy's masterpiece~a palm tree cake! Yummy! Pat, Rikki & Braden try on their lays. Mommy & Libby
Jessica & Sophia
Lillian playing in the pool...it was a little too cold for most of us adults.
Justin pushes Kayla around the pool.

The outfit of the night award goes to Sophia in her grass skirt!

Runner up (yet a close second) went to JP in his Jessica Rabbit Hawaiian shirt.

After the girls had gone to bed, and we had already finished the cake, Kayla walked out to the deck with her arms in the air and said, "We didn't even sing 'Happy Birthday'". So, with the girls both fast asleep, and cake already in our bellies, we sang a great Happy Birthday to our little 1 year olds! Thanks everyone for coming, it was nice to get together.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A year at a glance...

Just a few minutes old
5 days old
1 Month old (well, 3 weeks old)
2 Months old
3 Months old
4 Months old 5 Months Old
6 Months old
7 Months old
8 Months old
9 Months old

10 Months old
11 Months old
Libby at 1 Year Old! Wow! What an amazing year it has been! She has grown so much so fast...in fact, too fast if you ask me! I am looking back at these photos of her while I put this blog together, and I cannot believe it...she has grown from such a fragile tiny "baby" to such an independent and sweet "little girl". She has made Gary & I so complete! Happy Birthday, Pinky.