Friday, July 27, 2007

Celebrating a "Perfect" Season

Since the first (and probably last) game of the tournament was rained out, and our team all had babysitters, we decided to go out to celebrate our "perfect" season (only losses!), Michelle's Birthday and my job promotion. We began the evening at Tran for a delicious and entertaining dinner. We felt so sorry for the couple on a date that was forced to sit at our table. They hardly said a word, taking it all in, I am sure. Here, Shawn & Gary pose with our chef, Lloyd.
Gary demonstrating what might have been the best catch of the season! A ball of rice caught in his mouth. We all got a turn (poor Jill had rice down her shirt!)
JP, Jill, Gary & I got these yummy drinks in "collector" cups. Don't they look funny lined up with the other Beer? Eight bucks a pop, and we all just settled on one.
JP & Michelle mimic the Budda with the straw sticking out of it's belly. (Oh, if we could have only heard what our table-mates Damon & Rachelle were thinking at this point!)
After a lot of egg tossing/silverware banging/flame throwing by Lloyd, we finished our super yummy dinner. Chad decided that he could work at Tran if he wanted to. Here he tosses salt & pepper shaker behind his back. After we left Tran, we headed to the new Jazz club "The Speakeasy" downtown New Albany. Let's just say, it was not our crowd, so we walked down to a friendlier bar, "The Hitching Post". After a few drinks, and a Jello shot or two, we went to another classy establishment to wind up the evening. For the sake of our reputations, I won't disclose anymore information....but we all had a great time...National Geographic models and all!


The Cissells said...

Congratulations on your perfect season! Looks like you all celebrated like champions.