Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Today, Libby went for her 1 year check up with Dr. Norton. She weighs 19.15 pounds and is 30 inches long...which puts her in the 45th percentile on weight and the 75th in height. Here she reads a Dora book while waiting for John to see her.
John made me feel so much better about a few things that I was worried about (her feet turned out when she walks and her current hunger strike to name a few). He was impressed with how many words she knew and was not a bit worried that she was not walking, yet. He said that she was developing well and that we could feed her whatever we wanted, now (he gave us the green light for peanut butter, eggs and honey).
For the first time since she was born, Beth (a long time friend of mine) would not give Libby her shots or draw her blood today. She said that Libby was getting old enough to remember her and associate pain with her. I think that she just didn't want to hear her cry! Libby did well with the shots and blood draw, and settled down just a few minutes after it was all over. Dr. Norton's office moved into a new building (for the first time in 20 years) and it looked so new and pretty! We are so lucky to have John (my long time friend, Christie's Dad) and Beth who both take so much time and have so much genuine concern for Libby!