Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's my party...I can eat cake if I want to!

We had a birthday party today for our "immediate" family...which consisted of about 40 people. As usual, we had a family friend, Mitzi do Libby's birthday cake and made her a separate one to "dig" into. It was delish! Dad smoked pork for dinner which was out of this world! Thanks to Nonna, Pop, Mimi & Mema who made the dinner! After dinner, we decided to strip Libby from her dress and sing "Happy Birthday". I have to admit, that all the times that I pictured this event taking place, I had pictured her wearing a birthday hat, but she didn't want anything to do with it tonight! She didn't mind people singing to her (which was a relief to me) and afterwards, we let her dig in!

And "dig in" is just what she did!

WAY in! My mom and Gracie cut the other cake for the adults ("Do you like my party hat? No, I do not like your party hat, Good-bye"~sorry~inside joke that only my Mom, Dad & brother will get.) On our way to the bath tub, we stopped for a quick photo. The tub was had pieces of icing and cake floating in it! She was a mess!!

"Zaaaat?"...which translates from Libby Lingo to "What's that?

Libby got tons of great birthday presents...books, clothes, toys, money for her college fund and gift cards. Gary and I started a tradition with her...we bought her 3 pearls on a chain...and each year we will add 3 more to it, until she gets the full strand of pearls.

Philip & Tyler begrudgingly try on their party hats. Thanks, looks cute!