Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Night on the town

Prior to going to dinner to our restaurant (complements of Greenbaum) we stopped off for a few drinks (no, not us!). Here JP & Jill pose while waiting for our new friend/waiter to deliver us our drinks.
Here we but enjoying the company on the patio.

Dinner at Mike Fink's was delicious! We had another entertaining waiter (or maybe it was just us!)Waiting for our table.The boat was pretty and historical looking....I was kind of disappointed that it stayed docked the entire time, but still...we couldn't say enough about the food! JP & Gary pose with "Rusty Bear".Toe-y shoes (sorry, inside joke)

Gary and JP after a few drinks (No, JP isn't sleeping).

Jill and I after a few more!



What a horrid picture of the 2 of us! Thanks guys we had a great time, can't wait until we can do it again.