Sunday, August 12, 2007

A "free" weekend get-away

A few weeks ago, when Gary & I attended the "Greenebaum Prom" (Gary's firm's 'Summer Gala') we won tickets for 4 to a Cincinnati Reds game, dinner and a hotel room. As luck would have it, the week prior to us going, Norton Hospital was hosting a blood drive and those who gave blood also earned a free ticket to King's Island. Amy and Maureen were great enough to donate their blood and then pass over their tickets to me. With a total of 3 (and a $20 off coupon "book" from JP's mom), we were all able to enter the park for just $25.
The great thing about the park was that we didn't feel like we were out much money, and didn't feel like we had to spend the whole day there. So after a short lived trip to the Gap outlet, we headed off. We had a great time riding the rides like the "Beast" (pictured above) and many water rides to keep us cool. We were so soaked by the end of the day that our toes were shriveled in our soppy shoes. What a fun had been years since we had gone!


Shannon said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!