Friday, May 18, 2007

Practice does not make Perfect!

Tonight was our first co-ed softball game. It didn't' start until 9:30, so Libby spent the night at Mimi's house, so we could go. I snapped a few pictures of our favorite cheerleader before we dropped her off.

Gary (our Short-Stop & First baseman) and Libby

Me (our third baseman) and Libby

The back of Libby's cute shirt! The smallest it came was 2T, so it was a bit big on her, but she looked cute, anyway! She'll fit into it better by the end of the season!

Okay, what you all have been waiting for...a run down of the game highlights. I wasn't able to take may photos, since I was either fielding or batting, but here is us before the game started. It was so cold outside and our poor fingers would sting when the ball hit our glove.
When we arrived, we all were pretty nervous, since other than our few practices, we hadn't played competitive softball in quite some time. A group of athletic men and tiny tan women wearing orange shirts sat down on the bleachers beside us. It wasn't long before we decided that they were our competitor!
Long story short, we had a few bad innings, with butterflies in our bellies. The other team had some power-hitting girls and some guys that could knock it, despite having to hit left-handed. Overall, the final score was 16-8, them, but we had a really good time. There are without a doubt some kinks that need ironed out before we play next Friday, but overall, we were happy with our performance. We'll keep you posted!