Saturday, May 19, 2007

Impromptu Cook-out

After the guys spent all day watching a friend "Mud-Bog" (how redneck is that??) they decided that we were going to go over to Shannon & Kevin's for a cook-out. Poor Shannon didn't know that she was hosting an impromptu cook-out until guests started to show up, but was an awesome host! Here the 10 month olds pose for a quick picture. It is so amazing how, even being just weeks apart, how differently they all are developing. (It is hard not compare kids, especially when they are so close in age).

While the grown ups got dinner ready in the big kitchen, the girls fixed pizza, toast and tea in Allie's kitchen.

After dinner, the guys headed outside to loose money playing Texas Hold-'Em.

Shannon set up Allie's jumper on the driveway, and the kids jumped in the ball-pit for a while....well, until all of the cars/motorized toys/tricycles/golf carts that Allie owns turned the driveway into a demolition derby of sorts (now who's redneck?)
Here's Sophia on Allie's Dora four-wheel Power wheel. She loved it when her mommy would let her go fast!

Libby is more like her Daddy and enjoyed Allie's BMW! Look out Daddy!
We all had a great time getting together, as always, and thanks to the Mains for having us!
It was after 11pm by the time we left and Libby was still going strong. Chris & Carrie were having a party...and when we drove by we saw cars still in the driveway, so we stopped by for a drink and a few laughs. Libby loves playing with Landon!