Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we went down the cabin for Memorial Day. JP & Jill (and Kayla), Amy & Cory (and Sophia) and John & Amy came down to spend the weekend with us. When we got there, Libby & Sophia sat on the golf cart, waiting for their turn to drive. From what we understand, they probably wouldn't have been the worse drivers there!

After everyone arrived, we headed out on the boat. I forgot my camera, so missed a lot of great photo ops for the day. We came back to the cabin, ate dinner and put the girls down for the night so Cory could 'get his drink on'. Here, JP enjoys Cory's conversation. He was so darn funny, that JP nick-named him Chuckles (well...he also called him Marty, Calvin and Corkey that night!).

JP prepares for a shot.

John couldn't be shown up by the "younger" crowd, and took a shot, too.

Cory had so many awesome one-liners that I literally had to get a notebook and start writing them down. Unfortunately, what happens at the lake, stays at the lake, so you should have been there. Let's just say that the above photo shows Cory "32 ounces from sober".

The next morning, the girls looked a lot better than we did!

After 1/2 of our company headed home, Gary & I and Amy & Cory went out on the lake. Libby was so grumpy. It was more than likely a combination of teething, hating the life jacket (it's so bulky that she cannot suck her thumb!) and being afraid she was going to miss something.

Sophia loved the boat (and didn't seem to mind the life jacket). She fell asleep as soon as the wind started to blow in her hair!

Libby & Gary try to cool off (well, the water was a little too cold)!

Back at the dock---thank goodness we can take these life jackets off!!
Thanks to everyone for coming! We had a great time!


John said...

We called him Marty because he was trying to say "I'm already.." and it came out "Marty" hah