Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kee-Kee Ball!

As you know, Libby sees a basketball game on TV and exclaims, "Kee-Kee Ball!". She loves to watch her big cousin, Keaton (or as she calls him..."Kee-Kee") and goes to as many ball games as she can to support him! Tonight was the final tournament game between Keaton's Greenville Tigers and Galena.
Gary discovered during the last game that a 25 cent purchase of a "Ring Pop" (which is a sucker that is on a 'ring') was quite worth it! We came prepared with a Ring Pop and Libby proved me wrong...she did love it.
As the game went on, it became late (almost 1 hour past Libby's bedtime) but she was still cheering on Kee-Kee with White Bear clinched in her arms. The Tigers ended up loosing by just 3 points...what a great game, though!!


The Cissells said...

Looking good, Libby! I love your sweater.