Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bye-Bye Baby Mullet

Just as promised, we took Libby to get her hair cut this morning at Mimi's shop. She does is not a big fan of the cape that Mimi makes her wear, but never the less, did great today!
You may recall from earlier posts, the way we get Libby's hair cut is pretty unique. Mimi has her own beauty shop, and when it's time for a hair cut, Mimi gets the Fisher Price Beauty Chair toy out, sits Libby on it and then we sit on the floor with her. It may not be as fancy as those high dollar places that are just for kids, but it works great and Libby loves it!
After the hair cut, we went to Logan's for lunch (and to use a gift card that we got for Christmas!). We had to take back some shoes at the mall and get Lilly a birthday present for her party this afternoon. Libby awaits her mashed potatoes by playing with her Little People. Don't leave home without 'em!
At the Children's Pace, we got Libby another pair of sun glasses. I have no idea where all of her other ones went. She was sporting her new glasses on our way back to the Jeep.


The Cissells said...

Looking good in those glasses Libby!