Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cookie Day with Nonna & Pop

For the past several years we have had "cookie making day" at Mom & Dad's house the week before Christmas. The goal is to have several helpers in the kitchen, and then when we are done, we all divide up the cookies to take home. Today Libby & I braved the yucky weather to spend the morning with Nonna & Pop to bake/decorate/eat cookies. Here Nonna lets Libby sample a cookie.
She is so funny...lately when she eats something she likes she exclaims, "Yummm!"
We had all of our Christmas favorites, Ribbons, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip with Reese centers, Holiday Wreaths, Apricot filled, Almond Flowers, Coconut Macaroons and Bacon & Eggs (really pretzel sticks with white chocolate bark with M&M's). Libby was the biggest help as we decorated over 100 sugar cookies. Here, Pop helps her with the sprinkles! Once Libby got the hang of the sprinkles she was unstoppable. She had sprinkles all over the place! And who can resist a little sample??
After all of our work was done and Libby was good and hopped up on sugar, she decided to disassemble some of Nonna's Christmas decorations....Man, they'll let that little girl get away with anything!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I hope you and your family are blessed with a Merry Christmas and a Joy-filled New Year!