Monday, January 28, 2008

The Afternoon With Mimi

Mimi (Gary's Mom) picked Libby up from Mema's today so she could spend some time with her. Libby is crazy about going to her Mimi & Poppa Ray's house. She has her own toy room and drags everything out of it! Here she is feeding her babies...Susie, Fluffy & Becky. Libby took a short nap before Keaton's ball game (which I hear she sat on Uncle Chris' lap the entire time!). After Keaton's game, it was time to make dinner. Libby has her own cabinet at Mimi's house with the dishes she can play with. Betsy says that she often will find bracelets and other hidden treasure in there that Libby saves for later.
Libby's cabinet opens from both sides. I love this "action shot" of Libby cheesing it up (notice there is a cup of bracelets to the right).
What is this??
Chilling with her Poppa Ray.
Ray is crazy about Libby. They fight with over the red blanket (as seen in the picture above) and he loves to pick on her. She always has such a fun time with them!