Saturday, January 12, 2008

A full Saturday night

This evening, we went to Carson's first game of the season. Libby is obsessed with her cousin, Keaton, and says his name ("Key-Key") constantly. Every time we watch a basketball or football game at our house (which is pretty often) she stands directly in front of the TV and points, saying "Key-Key?" Here, she sits next to her Uncle Chris (which Betsy swears she said this week) and Key-Key. She could not sit still and spent a big part of the game running around the track at the top with her daddy. We left with a few minutes left...but later found out that it was a barn burner and that we should have stuck around to see Carson's team win.
After dinner, we grabbed a quick bite of dinner at Los Indos, where we discovered Libby loves salsa! She is her Daddy's girl (not that there was any question!!)
Salsa is in the vegetable group, right?

As we were walking into Los Indos, JP, Jill & Kayla were leaving, so we decided to meet up at The Welsh's house. Libby & Kayla look so darn cute sitting at the bar together (something tells me this may not be their last time sitting at a bar together!!)

Gary & Justin box on the Wii.

Libby & Uncle Shawn compare bellies.

By this time in the night, we couldn't pry the Wii remote from Gary's hands!

Hanging with Shannon.



I think you may be right about the bar thing. Of course they could be opposites of their mothers, you never know.