Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Boat Show

As most of you know, Gary & I are in the market for a new boat...well a new-used-boat. We took this opportunity to look at all of the new boats that were on display at the boat show. Since JP and Jill are in the market for a new camper, they met us there to shop together. Libby liked all of the room this Bayliner had....but Mommy didn't like the price.
I am thinking that Libby must be going through a growing spurt, since all she wants to do it eat. Here she eats yet another snack!
Speaking of snacks, Kayla & Libby pause at the "just their size" lawn furniture for a break. They were sad to see that the plates & bowls were just for food, Libby!
Libby did not want to sit in her stroller and would do whatever she could to stay out of it. She and Kayla loved to walk around in the fancy campers. Here they were testing the bunk beds in this sweet ride.
Did someone say "Sweet Ride"? Check this thing out. It sure makes our golf cart look like a Hot Wheel! For those of you who are wondering, we did not buy a new boat, nor did the Sengs go home with a new camper. I think we are all looking for something a few years old with less of a price tag. It sure gave us all the bug, though!