Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Libby!

Libby turned 2 years old today. Man, that is hard for a Momma to believe. When Libby was born, my mom got her a Star-Gazer Lilly to plant in the yard, so it would be in bloom every year on her birthday! We cannot believe how big they (her Libby & her Lilly) have gotten!
Here she and her Lilly are at 8 days old. We had a "Finding Nemo" themed Birthday Party. The invitations read, "Splish, Splash, it's Libby's second Birthday Bash!". The house was decked out in Blue & Orange, complete with a Nemo Cake, plates and personalized banner. The fish bowls with Nemo, Dory, Crush and Bruce and real goldfish were a huge hit! I am sure all of the Mommies will love us in a few days when their new scaly friends go belly up! Here Nonna lets Libby lick the icing.
This picture turned out dark, but it is still cute of Libby posing with her Nonna & Pop.
We got Libby all set up and ready to go, when Gary discovered that the disk that I had in the video recorder needed changed. Libby waited very patiently for several minutes until we worked out our technical difficulties. She passed the time by sampling her Nemo cake!
For the past week, Libby had been singing, "Happy Birthday", but I couldn't help but panic when all of her family turned their eyes to her to sing! I was waiting for a 2-year-old melt down, but much to my surprise, Libby stood next to her cake and grinned the whole time. Blowing out the candle. She never quite got it, but she gave it her best. Libby & Ally pose...each with green/blue teeth! They are such great friends!
Libby got tons of amazing gifts! Lots of money to go in her college fund, clothes, books, toys, an awesome recliner from her Mimi & Pop, 2 more pearls on her necklace from Momma & Daddy, along with a table and chairs...and Nonna & Pop got her a tricycle! We almost didn't get her off of it! She kept demanding that people "push me!". It was a hit! Thanks everyone!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Libby! So now it's time for a brother or sister, right?