Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ai-Ai Captain

This post goes out to you, Shawn! After we left our neighbor's house watching an amazing fireworks display, we headed back to the toasty fire that Sarah built (those Boy Scout meetings really paid off!). It didn't take long before we all decided that we were hungry again, and sent Gary back into the cabin to retrieve our requests (hot dogs, marshmallows, corn on the cob, cereal, etc).
You would have thought that Gary was a waiter in his former life, because he came back to the fire balancing all of our requests in his arms (and mouth). He sat down, and we all burst out laughing when we noticed that the Captain Crunch that he retrieved was in a bowl the size of...well, you can see for yourself! We all started razing him about it, so he was so determined to finish every last Crunch Berry! Shawn got his tape measure from the truck so we could obtain exact dimensions of this massive bowl.

Gary's only regret? He said he should have eaten it with a ladle, instead of this puny spoon that he used! And yes...he ate every bite!