Sunday, March 30, 2008

D.C.--Day 3

We got up early to travel an hour to Washington D.C. It was their annual Cherry Blossom Day, and they were in full beautiful. Here Libby is sitting in a Cherry Blossom tree with the the Jefferson Monument in the background. How sweet is that?? Another pretty shot. The Washington Monument.
Libby & her own Cherry Blossom.
This is the first time I had been back to D.C. since my 8th grade trip. It was nice to go again as an adult since I appreciated the history so much more.
Aside from being the Cherry Blossom Day, it was the 42nd annual kite day. In the mall area, there were hundreds of people flying kites! It was so pretty. We were cracking up at them all getting their strings tied up! Libby went right for the Nemo kite.
Libby & her Uncle Philip at the Lincoln.
At lunch, the girls found a fountain to pose next to.

Libby & Lucia were great! I am not going to bore you all with all of the other monument pictures, but it was so nice to go with someone who has been a lot and could hit the highlights. There were a lot of moving monuments--including a new one dedicated to the nurses of war. We headed out with a very eventful ride home in time for a short nap before dinner.


The Cissells said...

Looks like the girls became best buddies. Those trees are BEAUTIFUL. I love that pic of Libby in the tree.