Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Breakfast at Nonna & Pop's

As soon as we walked into Mom and Dad's, Dolly was guarding Libby's Easter basket. Libby had to check her goods out right away! She went straight for the bubbles and umbrella!
Nonna showed her how the Pop-up book worked.
Nonna & Pop told Libby that the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs in the house. She was off and running to find the candy and cash filled eggs. Here's one, Momma, behind the cat!I found another one next to the clock!
Common' Daddy & Nonna, let's look in the living room!!

The Banet family's Easter photo. Look hard and see the snow falling behind us!

Nonna, Pop and Libby pose next to the pretty pansies.

Testing out the new 'brella.

Ever since forever, we have had ham, Easter eggs and mom's famous cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Libby checks out her egg! Thanks mom and dad for a great Easter morning!