Friday, April 3, 2009

Slumber Party

For the last few years, my girlfriends and I have been having "girl's night out" every few months or so. This month, since Mark was going to be out of town, Dena offered to host "girl's night in" at her house. Six adults plus 11 children under the age of 4, no boys and a few drinks was without a doubt the formula for a great time! Above, Libby with one of her best friends, Kayla. They are sporting their matching "Best Friend" true "slumber party" style!
I am that I know what most of you are thinking right now:
"How on earth did you all deal with that many kids all night long?? You all are crazy!"
Really, the kids were awesome! They all ate well together, played well together and even went to sleep without too much problem.
Here we are...the whole crew in our PJ's. The challenge was not getting the kids to sit for this photo was getting the mommies to figure out the timers on their cameras!
From left to right:
Gracie, Ally, Kayla, Brooklyn, Ashlyn, Addie, Lilly, Libby, TJ, Carson and Stella.
Finally, the moment we all had been waiting for...Bedtime! (okay, maybe not all of us, but most certainly the mommies!) Nine character sleeping bags, chocolate milks, 14 trips upstairs to go pee, a "Go Diego Go" video and a "Barney" video later, the kids were finally asleep! Now it was time for the big girls to play!
Anyone that grew up in the 80's knows the above game, "Girl Talk". This was the game to play at slumber parties in grade school. Back then, we'd all put on our PJ's and spin the wheel, answer the questions and laugh our heads off at the "zits" that you had to wear when you didn't answer a question.
It was very comforting to know that some things never change!!
Joni, Sarah and Dena modeling the game. This as you can tell was "pre-zit"!

The next morning, we all got up...ate about 3 bags of donuts and headed home...most of us still wearing our PJ's. We already have our next slumber party planned for June! What a great time! Thanks for having us, Dena!