Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Egg-cellent job coloring eggs

After our much needed nap, we decided to go ahead and color our Easter eggs. Since Gary and I are leaving on Thursday to go to Vegas for my birthday, we have sent the Easter Bunny an email and asked him to come this week, not next week. He was so happy, since he has so many other houses to go to and he said it gets tiresome to hide all of those eggs in one day. Daddy and Libby coloring the eggs.
Libby loved coloring the eggs. She tasted the water (licked it off of her finger) and said, "well, it looked like juice, but it doesn't taste like juice".
Stirring the water, getting it ready for the eggs.

Coloring the eggs prior to dipping them was her favorite part of the day. She did an egg-celent job!